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Oggy knobs and generic frame sliders, which is best?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by danmason, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Recently got myself a ninja 250r. Sweet bike.

    Gonna put some frame sliders on it. Oggy knobs are quite a bit more than generic frame sliders on ebay, $250+ compared to $90-140.

    Anyone have any experience with the generic types? I notice most only have one point of fixture to the frame compared with oggy's two, although there are some $140 ones which also seem to have two points of fixture.

    If you've had them or have even used them, i'd love to know what you think...
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  2. i think they suck arse (not in a good way)

    cracked frames suck

    i prefer a cracked fairing anyday over a cracked frame

    they maybe okay as axle sliders ONLY....
    you may be able to get OEM engine case protectors which i think are a far better option
  3. Ive got R&Gs on mine, and what dg says is correct - they suck. They arent of much use over 30kph, but i went ahead with them, ugly as they are, for the simple calculation in my head that im far more prone to dropping the bike at slow speed than at normal riding speed+. Still hope it never happens and im not someone who expects its inevitable etc either so dont start thinking that :p.
    If that saves me 5k worth of fairings im all for it. Anything speedy on a bike like mine is going to be a economic write-off.

    My only complaint is the rear ones are in the way of my legs when im stopping :p. Its just a case of adjusting my position for that, which is no big deal, i just have to get used to it.
  4. On the road its not so bad but on the track it's contraversial, oooh. I have used oggy knobs, woodcraft and a handful of generic kits for the cheap materials and also for specific kits, I had to use my imagination with some generic brands with incorrect bolts etc, but it could have been an off day for them. Oggy brand is a known solution just don***8217;t expect it to bulletproof your bike in a crash. Every crash is different, all they are intended to do is keep the frame and maybe a few other hard parts off the deck for a few seconds, the fairings are expendable. Also, if you are going to get sliders, accept that having sliders sticking out 3 inches either side of the bike can break more sh1t than not having anything at all. I'd suggest going with pucks that are a lower profile, like the woodcraft ones (they even offer 2 lengths, short and regular). & make sure they are in a spot that can support them, generally an engine bolt but some brands have some ridiculous mounting solutions, be wary of 'no cut' type that may bend and cause even more damage.
  5. Oggy knobs make a good product. Ebay ones will probably do a similar job.

    End of the day I think it comes down to your insurance excess. I have a high excess (~$1500) so I have a good set of frame sliders. If I drop at low speed they'll save me on repair costs, if I drop it at higher speed it'll be going through insurance regardless so it doesn't really matter if the frame bends, if anything thats better as I get a new bike :).

    I dropped my old 250r once at about 10-20 km/h with Oggy Knobs and had virtually no damage, so they definitely paid themselves off.
  6. I had a lowside at about 80 and no doubt they saved my bike.
  7. I have used them from day one and had some nasty spills, the worst one far over 200km/h and the crash protectors saved my bike from being totaled, and yes I walked away with bruises and a broken ego. I only use R&G and buy direct from the UK way cheaper.
  8. For a commuter being left alone for hours at the mercy of the general publics parking skills they are good value, as no one is ever going to leave a note.
  9. My bike got dropped both sides, with Oggy knobs mounted and cheapy eBay swingarm sliders. The Oggy knobs are definitely in better nick than the swingarm ones...
  10. Anyone know how they go on Triumph Sprints? Will Oggy knobs save the fairing from getting scratched at all when dropped?

    I dropped mine a few days ago, lost my footing maneuvering on a footpath. Couldn't have laid it down more gently once I realised I couldn't hold it up. Scratched up the right side fairing, broke the chrome trim off and bent up the rear brake lever.

    Eyeballing the fairing last night, it looks like the fairing would've contacted the ground before the Oggy knob.
  11. I'm not a fan - although doubtless they are beneficial in low speed/ stationary drops.
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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
    i am going to reiterate

    oggy knobs suck dick

    NEVER mount them in connection to the frame of the machine

    i have a bike with frame damage directly caused by these 'oggy knobs'
    by a previous owner (and only in a stationary drop aswell)

    on top of this, a guy i know who has been around bikes since the 60's-70's and works on them for a living said 'oggy knobs' have written off more bikes than he cares to remember

    STEER CLEAR OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you have been warned
  13. Each bike is different, each slider kit can be different for different models, each crash is different. Knowing what the outcome will be is impossible, you roll the dice and take your chances. For some bikes they cannot damage the frame, yet for others, they are mounted in a very weak area.

    What bike dgmeister do you have that was damaged by them? I left them on one (woodcraft version) and pulled them off another.
  14. Some good points all around.....

    Speed and type of slide are obvious variables.....

    However - the most important part of the scenario is how are the "sliders" or "crash boobins" mounted....?

    Direct frame mounting is problematic - as is engine tab mounting......

    Some of the better protection kits use sacrificial plates....again, no real right or wrong answer.