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Oggy knobs and Double Bubble [ZZR250]

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys this is mainly directed at other Baby Z owner as they are most likely to know, however, anyone feel free to chime in. I was just wondering if any know where/if you can get oggy knobs for the ZZR-250. I've searched high and low and for the life of me cannot find someone who makes them for the ZZR.

    The same applies for double bubble screens, i only seem to be able to find the standard ones.

  2. Any for 3ln fzr250s for that matter?

    I doubt it, i'm just gonna have to steal the TIG welder from work hahah.
    Better steal someone from the workshop too while i'm at it :D
  3. all out of luck i believe we are mate, i'm justing going to try to keep it upright and keep extra $$$'s for knobs for the new 600cc when i pick it up next june :twisted:
  4. Haha Ok Awesome. But what if i can get my mate, a metal fabrication engineer who LOVES projects to try his hand at making up a set that includes brackets?? If i can't find any AM ones that's what i'm going to do!!
  5. Hey Praz. No i don't think there are any crash knobs available for FZR's
    Incase your not already a member... why not head on over to FZR250.com. Lot's more info on your bike (same as mine if it's a 3LN-3), and plenty of people who share your passion for your FZR.

    (Oh, and i'm a moderator there.) :D

    Other than that, i have seen knobs fitted on a ZX2R - although they we're bloody long ones (about 5-6 inches long!).
  6. Sweet. Yeah i browse those forums but haven't yet joined. Yeah by bike is the same as yours. I love being the only one at uni who has a one of a kind 250. :D
  7. try sending a PM to Patske... i think he had them on his FZR250 before he had his off (though i'm not sure how much good they did). :?
  8. go here http://www.ksrc-au.com/

    has been discussed a couple of times and i beleive i remember reading instructions on how to do it somewhere on that site.