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Oggy Knobbs.. Who's got em??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by houls, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. YES

  2. NO

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  1. Hey everyone. After just fitting a set of oggy knobbs to my bike on the weekend i was just curious if many other riders out there have them. A pretty wise mod to protect your fairings i reckon. Lets just hope i never have to try them out :)


  2. yes saved most of the r/hand side of the bike about a week ago, after a off at about 60km/hr ...... best 60.00 i have spent on the bike :wink:
  3. I have a pair fitted.
    They've already saved me once from having to repaint my bike.
    THey took the brunt of the fall (extremely slow speed off) and the Hornet is as beautiful as ever.

    except people keep pointing at the oggy nob saying 'was the nob scratched when you bought it?'
  4. I'm REALLLY wishing I had got mine sooner, dropped the bike last night, not all scuffed *sulk*

    How much did everyone pay for their Knobs and for what bike? Anyone else buy a different brand and how have they found them?

    I want gold coloured ones :LOL:
  5. I fitted a pair after the bike was knocked over in a car-park. $3500 (and my NC8) later I wouldn't be without them. In fact, I doubt I'll own another road bike that won't have some sort of crash posts or engine bars. If only they could lower ones insurance premiums in the same way that an alarm or immobiliser can.
  6. Just a sidenote. The name "Oggy Knobs" is the Aussie distributor(maker?) of the "Crash bungs/frame sliders" that "Oggy Knobs" actually are. So people _might_ actually answer "No" when they do indeed have frame sliders (same things as "Oggy Knobs") which might happen to skew the results. For the pedantic people it might pay to have Frame Sliders/Crash bungs instead of "Oggy Knobs" if you want to know the "proper" percentage of people with frame sliders :grin:
  7. Just a sec while I get a biro to write down my list for tomorrow

    hoover the carpet.......
  8. Axle sliders, hand guards, peg sliders, exhaust slider. 6 crashes later I have done approximately $15 worth of damage (if you count the cost of the plastic I have worn off the sliders).
  9. yep.

    frame mounted 'frame sliders' for my naked 900.


    note: i fitted them as a pre-emptive measure. hopefully will never have to use it!
  10. Have fitted, saved the bike in a low speed diesel-induced off. (Thanks, U$ Buslines!). Saved the tank, frame, handlebars, engine case grinding _all_ the way through. Custom "Ozzy knob" frame sliders, cost about $120, saved in excess of $500 damage, kept it down to $350 of damage.

    Keep in mind the age-old "crash parts" theory - They throw a bike on its right side, left side, then mark up 300% everything that was scratched. :p
  11. I have 2 bikes, 1 with and 1 without, so i didn't vote :)

    They are on the track bike, were there when I bought it, so they can stay. But I won't put them on my road bike, don't particularly like the look of them.
  12. I rate them 8.34/10. Although to give a more accurate score I will need to throw my bike down the bitumen. Please stand by........

    Very worthwhile addition in my opinion.
  13. dont have any, but am considering them. Houls, how much did you for your no cut oggys for your CBR?
  14. I've had them on every road bike, never on any track bike as I've seen them bend too many frames in big offs.

    Many racers don't use them for the same reasons.

    They're useful in low speed drops though, saves a lot of cosmetic damage.
  15. Just got mine today.
    Cost $280 from P/S melbourne but got it for $235.
    For a 2007 GSXR750.
  16. Love my oggies!

    After dropping my ER6f once when almost new I wouldn't be without them.
    Heavy drop on a slope- broken clutch lever, scuffed oggy- beautiful shiny fairing! :grin: :cool:
  17. getting... once i get the bike :p
  18. What a fantastic idea, I'll be getting them as soon as I get my bike.
  19. Just got mine in the mail the other day, but have been a bit lazy putting them on. Hopefully this weekend.

    Just praying that I don't drop her in the next day or so.