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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. i got nothin'! :shock:



    warning: g-string wearing gimp and co-hort.
  2. That is totally wrong
    Sick and twisted frogs
    Just when you want someone to fall off
  3. What are those guys on?
    Holy crud that was crazyness!
  4. Funny bastards... Thy can f*cken ride, though.
  5. that is so so... i'm lost for words...
  6. I think I speak for everyone here with my big.... WTF MATE.
  7. :LOL: - Quality, still laughing!

    F*^%ing idots - but awesome clip!
  8. All I want to know is................ :

    WTF were you searching for, when you found THAT!? :? :? :? :? :? :shock:
  9. I am pretty sure I saw this like bloody ages ago (1-2 years?), no idea if it came from this site (a link to the vid, not that actual url of course) unless some other people dressed similar doing similar things on a bike did it as well :shock: :shock: :eek: :tantrum:
  10. it could be sad that I find that bloody funny!!