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Offroad - What fun is there to be had in Vic this winter?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by maestro, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking of plonking down some dollars and getting an unregistered TT250.

    I'd like to do some dirt riding near Melbourne as a sort of cross-training to gain experience, and fill some time until I'm able to buy a Suzuki cruiser next summer.

    Can anybody tell me what sort of opportunities/places there are to ride off-road in Victoria, and give an idea how much fun can be had in the coming winter months?

  2. Without rego, not much fun to be had at all. But plenty of $300 fines from Mr Plod. With recreation rego you can ride in any of the dozens of State Forests. You can pretty much rec rego any bike as long as it has lights and a few other do-dads. Check out the Vicroads website.
    But cops won't catch me out bush you say? I'm afraid they will, Vic Pol have some gun off road riders on the latest and greatest enduro weapons. They most certainly will catch you and hand you a nasty fine. I've seen them riding around Wombat forest and Gembrook. They're common at all the forests close to Melbourne.
    Be careful with older off road bikes. Because of the nature of the riding they do age quickly, paritcularly if not looked after. Which is sadly the case with most bikes. Snapping piston rods, head rebuilds and similar are all quite common with older 4 strokes. Older 2 strokes often need a new nikasil bore ($450) and a top end rebuild. Some even need bottom end work which can run into several grand.
    My advice would be to not buy anything more than 5 years old and even then expect the unexpected.
  3. Hmm.

    Here's the ad I am looking at:

    I'm in good shape to get a rec registration it seems, but the point you raise about the age definately seems to apply here.

    What about getting a more expensive one on finance, say about 5k ? Can I recoup at least 3.5k-4k 9 months later?
  4. Spend 5 grand on a late 90s-2000 XR400 (assuming you aren't on capacity restrictions) and you shouldn't see any depreciation if you look after it. A 1991 will be very old and tired.
  5. You can certainly take your unregistered bike down to the Frankston track. A 250 would cost around $25 for ther day.

    After a day of riding there, you sure give all your muscles a good work out ! :shock:
  6. *reads thread title and bites tongue...* :LOL:
  7. just get a list of off road no rego riding places off a dirt bike forum.
  8. trail riding

    Ditto on the rego,thereo,forget riding without AT LEAST,rec reg,if you stack and injure yourself or hit a 4wd,of which there are aplenty,and have to be ambulance or airlifted out like a mate of mine years back,expext to sell the bike and then some to pay the bill,and no T.A.C. medical insurance after the stack to fix your f,d and broken body,we got away with it 15-20 years ago in Narbethong and Toolangi,saw 2 cops in 5 years,now days,youre virtually garanteed to get a fine and pulled over,now days,no way,Hose! :mad:
    If you go to Healsville and keep going,as soon as you get through the Black spur,on the left hand side is Narbethong,head further into the bush and you will get to Toolangi state forest or Murrindindi if you head Nth,
    If you turn right of the hwy,youve got Marysville,Buxton,Alexandra,endless riding to be had all round there,some absolutely amasing trails to suit all levels of rider,basically its the start of the great dividing range which technically goes to Queensland.

    And as someone else mentioned,dont even think youre going to outrun those boys,half of them are ex enduro riders and will kick youre butt without even breaking a sweat,dem boyz can ride!and they dont have to worry about stacking their bike and paying to fix it,because its our bike,the Victorian taxpayers.

    Oh,and watch out for the 2 sworn enemies of the trailbike rider,4WD weekend warriors,there bullbars are big and strong and dont yield,and they go as fast as some bikes,and then theres there big brother on steroids,THE LOGGING TRUCKS,just like Mulders said,"THEY ARE OUT THERE" just coz youre in the middle of the bush dont make the mistake of thinking theres no one else out there having fun like you,coz there right around the next blind corner on a great trail,mad max style :shock:
    tukit easy maaaayte
  9. hey outbreakmonkey so you reckon a 34 year old yamaha 360 2-stroke would definitely be the go huh :LOL: gettin it rec registered this thursday...
  10. anyone got a spare dirt bike??
    :grin: :grin:
  11. get rec reg,and head out to the bush mate,i do alot in winter cos the dust becomes mud
  12. Why bother? It'll have about as much offroad capability as a ZX10R
  13. haha yep, you're definitely right there... at least its comfy though :) [/quote]