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Officially rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MiSe, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. I've got my L's, I've got my bike, I've got my netrider account...I'm officially a rider

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  2. G'day, welcome and congratulations, MiSeMiSe.
  3. Those 125's are cheap as to run and maintain. Welcome aboard :)
  4. Cheap to run and not a scooter.:sneaky:

    Welcome MiSeMiSe

    Make learning at every opportunity, your goal. All those 'near misses' you hear about, are exactly that.
    Most people fail to recognise this.
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  5. Welcome!
    Now you need some riding gear.
  6. Welcome :cool:

    Great learner bikes those 125s!
  7. Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games! Enjoy
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  8. That's a beaut little bike. :happy: Welcome to NR where the fun never stops!
  9. welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction
  10. Thanks!! Really looking forward to become good at it!!
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  11. Oh yes they are! They're great because I'm learning so if I drop it or at some stage I want to upgrade at least I won't feel like I've invested a fortune on my first bike yet I've got the reliability of a new bike :)
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  12. Mm I know what you mean, I'm taking it real slow, I'm going around the block over and over again learning to feel my bike then the road then possible hazard and how to corner etc etc all slowly, before I get to a main road it'll be mid July. I drive a car but with bikes it's a whole new story...I've got no bumper to protect me gotta be smarter!! But loving riding so far
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  13. thanks
  14. Oh forgot to say I've got that too
  15. :) Thanks!!
  16. Hey MiSeMiSe welcome to the world of two wheels and NR.
  17. welcome to NR...
  18. Welcome, enjoy the ride!
  19. Congratulations! There are people here who will inspire you.
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  20. Thanks!! So far so good! it's an amazing experience + great site and I have to say so active!