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officially my new dream bike- if they ever get it to aus...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by arsenalroc, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. hmm its different but in a way like mine but with less torque
  2. It is... bold, I'll give them that. Actually, I think it is pretty amazing as far as the design goes.
    But if you think about it, it's not a bike you'd want to live with. The seat looks like an instrument of torture - that's if you don't just plain slide off the back. No place for number plates, no indicators and I'm sure lots of similar issues would make it impossible to register for road use in Australia (or Europe), and I just don't get the concept of a bike as a display piece... if you can't ride it, what's the point?

    ... and where would you attach the luggage? :)
  3. now we need a bionic suit and a few razor sharp swords and show the cagers some fun! :twisted: :twisted:
  4. i would not wana ride that.
    id relax losen up slide in to my seat wtf arghhhh my arse is burning on the friken rear wheel
  5. omg :shock: that has got to be one of the most ugliest bikes i have ever seen!!!! maybey they might be the ducks nuts in the year 3000 :LOL: :LOL:

  6. Only in the looks department.

    Front suspension is based on the springer design, S&S engine with a belt drive to the separate gearbox, single sided swingarm have all been done before.

    Its pretty basic in its engineering design which is pretty typical of most things from the States.
  7. Yeah, I meant mostly in the sense of visual impact, but a point of order - it's not S&S engine, the want to develop their own for this model. Although they use S&S for Hellcat and Wraith - could it be you're talking about these? The video linked actually only shows these two models, not Renovatio since it only exists as a computer model at this point. Specs don't say anything about a belt and actually I can't see from the picture how it is going to be driven... going to the source, on their own page there are a few more pics. In the one of 3D model it kind of looks like a belt, but in one of the line drawings it looks like a chain.

    Actually I don't think the design is frozen solid yet, I suspect they are still working on it... (it looks like they're still working on the seat arrangement, too - in the drawings it looks different than in 3D model)

    This is Renovatio:
  8. i like the other models ie the hellcat and wraith but how are they road legal in america? no turn signals,brake?
  9. God damn that look like a piece of crap.
  10. Re: officially my new dream bike- if they ever get it to aus


    You get turned on by sliced bread??? :shock:
  11. Re: officially my new dream bike- if they ever get it to aus

  12. How's the weather in Tron?
  13. :nail:
  15. This is the one I would like to get if they ever become reality and we can get them in Oz.

    Madass 500cc


  16. yeah nice will

    i did the sachs