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Officially a 1%er (Not what you think)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Well, it's official.

    I got a letter from the GIO workers comp insurance people stating that I now have a "1% Whole Person Impairment" thanks to my accident last June.

    So who's going to give me a V-rod and a leather vest then eh???
  2. what's a 1% Whole Person Impairment?
  3. It's when you get injured and something is permanently damaged, ie lose a finger or something.

    Depending on how bad it is, they work out what percent of your body is pemanently stuffed and then figure out how much compo to give you...

    My 1% is my left foot, which is worth $1,250.00 apparently. Therefore by my logic, my entire body is worht $125,000.00, which in my opinion is a load of crap. I've spend more than that on beer...
  4. You are a hoot, pete, love your work.

    Then again, of course, you have to be permanently impaired to belong to Netrider in the first place.....
  5. Consider yourself lucky - Here in Vic you would get nothing unless you are at least 10% permanently impaired!
  6. how the hell is losing a foot a 1% impairment?
  7. and %10 is like an eye or an arm missing...its piss poor really.
  8. Didn't lose the foot Tailus, it's just stuffed, can't run, walk with a limp most days...

    The 10% thing only applies to Green Slip claims. Because my claim was against the dumb womans' Comprehensive Insurance apparently the rules are a bit different.

    They told me to consult a solicitor before accepting the payout. I'm assuming because if I take the cash then I waive any rights to recourse later on.

    Any had to go this before? Should I take the money? What other options have I got???
  9. I have a few questions...

    Im Fairly tall, is my left foot worth more than someone shorter's left foot?

    Also, what can i get for my left kidney? I have two anyway... can I get a new fireblade out of it? What about my gall bladder? Im not even sure what that does... cant be important...
  10. ..... and run??? :LOL:
  11. It's not really like that. For full details see the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evalution of Permanent Impairment (I think they are still using the 4th Edition).

    By the way - Total loss of an arm (amputation above the elbow) equates to 60% whole person.

    I know your question will be 'what if I lose 2 arms' = 120%... well, no. You combine 60% whole person according to a formula and the short answer is that combining both impairments would equate to 84% whole person.

    Totally logical really...
  12. Errrrr? Where's Kaer?

    Senility setting in Paul??
  13. sigh, yes, what can I say, 100% impairment of the brain, sorry mate.....
  14. I'm no lawyer, but I think it's the oposite.
    If you DONT see a lawyer and DO take the money, you can come back at them later saying that you didn't know what you were doing when you decided to take the money.

    The say to consult a lawyer b4 taking the money so that you don't have that avenue to get more from them later.

    Like I said, I have only heard that from someone else. don't know if it's true or not.
    Maybe some of the law profesionals can enlighten us?
  15. So short people's feet are worth as much as mine?

    What is my incentive to be tall then? Right, from now on, all you short asses can get a bloody ladder to change a lightbulb... Im not risking MY foot for your comfort...
  16. I reckon short ppls feet would be worth more as they constitute a larger percentage of the over all body size... Stay short, that's my advice.

    As for the legal side of it, I reckon that seeing as thought they said in the letter that I should talk to a lawyer, if I take the money without talking to a lawyer, they'll prolly just say, "well we told you to talk to a lawyer, so it's your own damn fault..."
  17. I don't know how the NSW system works but if I was you, I wouldn't necessarily accept what THEIR doctors say. I'd be getting my own Dr to assess me (funny that - they always tend to come up with a higher figure when you are paying them...). An extra few percentage points = more money, better bike!

    My understading is that they have to tell you that you can seek legal advise.
  18. that would be something to do with negligent mis-statement, but i think it would only work if the 1% judgement could be considered unfair. i reckon it'd be better to get a second opinion from lawyer/doctor/etc before accepting anything.
  19. i had a stack a few years ago in Melbourne. I had to get 11% total body imparment for compo. I went for the assesment and after the doc had done his thing he told me i had 16% imparment of my right leg. Woooohoooo new bike! the he told me 16% of the leg = 8% of the total body. That means all i get for all the pain is a rooted leg. :p
  20. The TAC calculation is different to Workcover although they use the same Guides to evaluate impairment. 11% imp with TAC = about $800 whereas 10% imp W/cover = about $10,000. Go figure...