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Official Notice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deadman, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Well its now Official,

    As of last Thursday 6th June,

    I am now an Old Fart, Geezer, Crazy Old Coot, And all the rest of the old Crappola, hahahahaha,

    I am now on the Old Age Pension, So that Places me in the OLD Category,

    12 year old with wrinkles, Hahahaha

    Keep the shiny side up peoples,

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  2. More power to you mate. :)
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  3. Happy Birthday deadman.
  4. Well done mate and still in the saddle. I cant wait myself. Five more years and I hit 57 and my eligible retirement age. My nice little insurance payout helped that along nicely.
    Trouble is I'm working 35 to 40 a week now and bored out of my mind. No idea how I will retire.
    Going way up north and picking up some of that land that people are walking off keeps niggling me.... Everything runs in cycles. haha I meant the drought but it's also is relevant to life. I started out life on a very big property.
    Would like to start a consortium and buy the whole lot and start a new sovereign haha
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  5. I wish I was 70, So I can go Snow Skiing for free,
  6. Congrats, old man, I'm only a few months (March next year) from the same milestone. But we still have our health and loved ones and our bikes: life's good......
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  7. Happy Birthday deadman :)

    I'm betting they closed that loophole somehow
  8. Ooops, I thought you were an old fart already...my bad.

    Congratulations, mate and may you ride through many more of 'em.
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