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Official Friday Funny

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Paul is away flag-marshalling at Winton this weekend, so he's asked me to provide the Friday Funny.....

    You really know you're a motorcyclist when..

    all your cars and other vehicles are parked outside because the garage is full of bikes and parts.

    you think women are turned on by the sound of a bike starting.

    you have a collection of air filters (10) but only one fits your current

    every shirt you own is cotton with something written on it.

    you think that dressing up means puttihg on a brand new t-shirt and

    all your pants are stained with chain lube.

    you have more riding boots than dress shoes.

    you have three sets of tools metric ,regular and those goofy British

    sunday is set aside for riding instead of watching sports on tv.

    when your bike makes a funny ticking noise and you know right away what it is, without even looking.

    you don't even flinch when you're hit by a bug when riding.

    you can tell what bike it is just by hearing the exhaust.

    someday you would like to find your first bike and restore it.

    your bike is worth more than your car.

    the sides of your tires are worn more than the centre.

    the only Springsteen you know used to ride flat track.

    you wash your parts in old petrol, even though it's about as safe as
    sorting out live black snakes.

    almost nothing on your new bike is stock and almost everything on your
    vintage bike is.

    when your income tax comes in you start thinking about buying bike

    {There must be more things inventive Netriders can add to this list :LOL: }
  2. chicks don't get turned on by a bike starting up? :\

    got a laugh out of me :D
  3. Two car garage and the 'bike' shed all full...of bikes! The cars have to stay under the carport :LOL:

    That's a great Friday Funny Hornet, top marks :rofl:
  4. Some that spring to mind:

    - You have a supernatural awareness of tram tracks, mobile phone users and manhole covers.

    - You give 'the nod' even when you're caging.

    - You bring your bike to the pub and drink light so you can ride it home again.

    - You ride when the doc specifically tells you not to.

    - You harbour a deep and immovable hatred for urban 4WDers.

    - You respect the truckie.

    - You get yelled at trying to lane-split the queue in Maccas.

    - You have mastered the art of driving young kids and pretty girls wild with your wheelies.

    - You have a well-rehearsed induction routine for new pillions.

    - People are always telling you you'll die, and you're always thinking they'll never live.

    - You stop to move fallen branches off the road.

    - You know that if anyone really crosses you, you've got a lot of very large, ugly, slightly crazy friends on your side.

    - You arrive everywhere 20 minutes earlier than your mates.

    - You don't have to look for your kickstand any more.

    - You know you'll have friends wherever you go.

    - A to B is your A to Z.
  5. -You see falling off as a good chance to try out the new gear.

    -You have 6 bike jackets and not a single rain coat.

    -You only commit to social gatherings on weekends if you're sure it's going to rain.
  6. Love point three, Seany :LOL:
  7. You've got several helmets - each one the same colour as a bike you used to own.

    You've got a set of broken bits on a shelf - each from a different bike you used to own.

    You've got several jackets that could probably stand up and walk out by themselves but you can't quite bring yourself to toss them out.

    You've got a box full of bits but you can't remember which bike they came from.

    You've got a brand new spare throttle cable in the garage that you bought for a bike you used to own but you forget which one it was for.

    You've got a xxx owners club t-shirt but you've never owned xxx and can't remember how you acquired it.

  8. Thanks for that Paul.

    I survived a very busy weekend, although I wasn't flagging I did just about everything else from fixing a phone line to re-tuning all the TV's in the corporate centre and I did get to watch the start of the reverse grid race from in there :p

    The biggest crash of the weekend would have to be the train crash in Benalla on Friday morning which I couldn't help but check out on Friday night :wink:
  9. "almost nothing on your new bike is stock and almost everything on your vintage bike is. "

    :) that's a goodun
  10. I'm gona steal all them and put them on my Blog.

  11. Yep, that is me alright.

    The nodding even when caging freaks out many a biker, only had one biker reply when i was leaving my street in Salisbury East.

    I can't help but nod, it is like a habit now.

    I freaked out an old guy last night as i rode past. He nearly walked into a tree when i waved to him, my thought at the time was like "well he is watching me ride past so I should wave.[/quote]