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Official: Dovi to Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cazzo, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. He looks like a like able chap whenever I've seen him on the Telly.
    Looks like he has the hunger too.
    Gonna be an interesting couple of seasons now, even once Stoners gone.
  2. What is it with Italian riders wanting to ride Italian bikes while other Italian riders run like crazy in the other direction :LOL:???
  3. Some know better?
  4. Ever had something that's broken yet people keep on insisting that they can fix it?
  5. Well in that article, Dovi says he knows Audi will invest in Ducati to make it work. Maybe he's thinking, Audi has a hunger for the podium and will make it happen...is it possible that they will and Rossi bailed too early?
    There is no doubting Dovi's ability, he is right up there and runs consistantly...I'd wet my pants if he managed bump Rossi down the pecking order.
    Next couple seasons are shaping up to be interesting.
  6. Nooooooooo Dovi! :(
  7. im not a fan of him to much, but he sure has some skillz!

    also... whaaaaaaaaaaaat? didnt see that one coming!
  8. I agree he'd have the long term (Audi) in mind, he doesn't have too many better options right now anyway.
  9. Wow, next season is going to be awesome. so many people jumping ship.
  10. Its a win win.....................Im guessing Ducati paid him lost of money and if he starts winning (on a bike that Rossi couldnt) then he cements himself as a top rider. If he looses then people will continue to put the blame on the garbage bike.

    If Rossi continues to lose in his new team then CRT for him next year................
  11. No Dovi no! Shame a rider with such skill who made some great battles at the front of the pack is now going to be sitting on his own in 10th place every race. Hope Audi really pull their finger out over the off season and sort this bike for him but I reckon its a tall order.
  12. Interesting to see how he'll go in comparison to Hayden.
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  13. Poor Dovi. I'm at a loss as to why he'd choose to ruin his career by choosing to ride that POS.
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  14. I think there's a prestige to having a factory ride......a bad factory ride is better than a good satellite ride which is better than a WSBK ride. It may also be that they've given him assurances of a development plan.

    And also, there probably wasn't much choice, Honda and Yamaha don't want him.
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  15. I wish him the best of luck.

    But I do wonder about the logic of being on a factory bike that hasn't won a race or been on the podium much in the last 2 seasons against being on a more competitive satellite bike.

    I suspect money has as much to do with it as anything else. I remember reading somewhere that Dovi actually dipped in to his own pocket to get some better parts for his bike.
  16. It's a great move. As has been said, he's got nothing to lose. He wasnt going to get a factory ride on a yam or honda, and was never going to win a championship on a satellite bike. If he can fix the ducati, he'll go down in legend as the guy who turned a dog of a bike around, that even rossi couldnt handle.
  17. It'll be interesting to see if either of them can tame the Ducati. I highly doubt Audi or to the point Lamborghini will want to run outside of the top five for long.