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N/A | National Official: Crutchlow to Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. why why why!


    I would have thought that under the new rules which allow factory teams to have up to 4 bikes that Yamaha would bend over backwards to kep Cal!

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  2. Good luck Cal. That's quite a job he's signed up for.
  3. That's for sure, I wish him luck.
  5. Well that sux he wont even stand near a podium for 2 years now. Silly bugger.

    I guess this tweet was a bit of a heads up ?

    'Ok for everyone asking about my future. I am currently still discussing and should know some things soon. I want to thank everyone for their tweets and concerns they have for me on who I ride for next season. As and when a decision is made I will announce it. In the meantime everything is speculation! Please do not tell me who to, or who not to ride for though. I understand everyone wants different teams but a real fan will support whatever…'
  6. Maybe he's worked out that they are paying him enough that after 2 seasons he'll be able to retire.

    Personally I would have thought being on the satellite Yamaha or even a satellite Honda you'd be more competitive than on a Ducati.
  7. I wonder how long before Mr. Stoner gets asked to join in for a ride day at Mugello ?
  8. Stoner and Crutchlow on Ducatis that would be worth watching.
  9. he should have had a look at Rossi's scarred ego and Ianonne's broken shoulder before he signed.....
  10. yeah good for us bad for Cal.
  11. Not unexpected but still a little disappointing for competitive racing.
    Dovi and Cal will be battling head to head on the same bike again, just further back in the field.
  12. Cal is being paid a lot for this.
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  13. Without a doubt, bit for our purposes, Cal's racing is more interesting than his bank account.
  14. Eh, He didnt have a ride next year with tech3 or factory yam, nothing else he could do, a ducati is better than nothing and who knows, maybe he will be able to tame the beast and get good results. Probably not, but who knows. Also they will be paying him good money and dont forget it is a job after all.
  15. Ducati might improve the bike to of course, at the end of it all they want to sell bikes.
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  16. Besides, the way MotoGP is running the rules will change at the end of the season, and everyone will have to make new bikes, so the Duc might be a winner when he jumps on.

    I'm just happy he's got a ride, I'm still a bit disappointed about Webber leaving F1, would hate to see Cal end up in a similar position.
  17. OMG

    Cal on a Ducati >>>>> swoooon
  18. Swoon away, but unless either Ducati make some drastic changes or Cal proves to be the absolute best rider in the world, I'm afraid you aren't going to see much of him riding the bike.
  19. I have high hopes that something will shift. I don't think Ducati is his first choice, but Yam and Honda both have their 4 protos on the grid, and are full. Not much else he could do.
  20. Except they are increasing the number of factory bikes/riders. One could assume that means that you could have 4 factory Hondas, 4 Factory Yamaha plus the 'satellite' teams.