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Office Stereotypes...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, May 31, 2012.

  1. Doggy Style:


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  2. ..cont...

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  3. ..lastly...

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  4. Bwahahaha! Gold
    Where is my 'nod' helmet!!!
  5. That is... simply the best picture set I've seen for I don't know how long =D>
  6. that faking sick leave dog doesn't look right
  7. Oh I dunno... he looks like a few of the sicker individuals at work that I wish would leave :D
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  8. That's a classic Tweetster. Sick leave and faking sick leave made me laugh.
  9. I submit myself: Desktop Specialist Support.
    I'm good at what I do, but by fuck should you stay out of my way while I'm doing it...
  10. And here's one from helpdesk AKA level-1 support


    NB** this is an illusion - it looks like a dog, in reality it is more like this:
  11. Knock off time one is me in a nutshell
  12. Ah kreeps!... I'm sure your bark is far worse than your bite!.... [-(
  13. The CEO's right hand man is more like our CEO...

    Which is why he just got the arse...
  14. ...follow up..

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  15. Quite the opposite actually.
    People are often fooled by my diminutive proportions, into thinking I'm safe to pet...
  16. ...a wolf in women's clothing!.... 8-[
  17. LOL - Sprung!

    "Wait - I can explain! ... Ok, no I can't."