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Office 2003 Contacts question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Yeah I know it's Microsoft and old but the company I work for uses it and aint about to change in a hurry so I'm stuck with it.

    Anyway, I changed to a nice new laptop a couple of months ago and somehow managed to transfer all my files, apps and e-mail files over properly this time =D>

    The one handy thing Outlook 2003 had on my old laptop was a button on the properties pop up (whenever you double clicked on an e-mail addy from the corporate global address list) which copied their details into my personal Contacts file.

    This is handy cos I sync my phone to Outlook so all those numbers also live in the phone (makes call filtering easy as well so I know who to ignore :p).

    Along with the other niceties that disappear when you change laptops this button has disappeared ](*,)

    I've tried the usual searching through the Help Files but as usual cant really find anything of value.

    Any of you computer guru's got any proper suggestions I can use (IT tend to frown on dodgy apps) or know where the tick a box is to re enable this function??
  2. Easier to show than describe.
    You should be able to right click, drag and copy to a different contacts folder when in Contacts View (CTRL + 3 to get to contacts view)
  3. But that doesn't get me my Add to Contacts button back.