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Offering assistance with NSW Police Questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pottz79, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Hey people. i have posted a few times on here. It is a great site. As a result, I am offering help to those with legitimate questions and sensible questions in relation to NSW traffic legislation.
    I have read some of the Hulbie questions put to him and some of them I just shook my head. I will not answer any common sense questions or stupid questions,
    I am new to the bike scene, only holding my bike licence for 4 months. however I am up to date on most of the NSW legislation.
    Background - I have been in the Police for 10 years, with experience in all fields. I hope I can help you with your queries. but please, I ask you, don't ask stupid questions or questions like, how do i get out of this ticket etc. I will never undermine another cop. hey, it is a brotherhood, we rely on each other. There are over 5-6 million people in NSW (sorry, guess, not up to the states) and only 18, 000 cops. We do need to stick together in some instances. I will tell you what I might have done in a similar situation, however my opinion won't count. If you disagree with a ticket, or a charge, contact the officer who charged you and ask him why he did what he did.
    Don't call him every name under the sun, tell hime you would do nasty things to his wife or dog etc and then ask why, that won't get you anywhere.
    I know that there are cops out there with no life, no family, no kids, no anything etc that will write you up for anything and everything. There are bad people in any job out there. hey, some of you may be out there just earning a paycheck and don't give a shit. I love my job. I love what I do.
    Next time you get pulled over, try to treat the copper like he is your best mate. The way you expect someone to treat your mother. Apologise. Eat Cake. Don't give a bull shit exucse. You never know. You may get someone like me one day who WILL give you a warning and let you go.
    BUT, there are cops out there that will give you a ticket no matter what the excuse. I can't help that, nor defend that. ATTITUDE is a big thing. You may still get a ticket, but it might be a lesser offence, less money, less points. Worth a try. And in the end, if you seriously believe you did nothing wrong, don't biatch about it, make excuses etc. Cop the ticket. Take it to court. We make mistakes (not me - Just kidding). We are human. We are not machines. We have lunch breaks, we do eat, we do have tear ducts, we do have families, and yes, we still get tickets, trust me, i have copped one.
    I ride, I drive. i love fast cars and i love my bike. I can't wait to get a bigger bike. But in all honesty. If I am an idiot and I get caught, I have to cop it, just the same as you. If not worse, as all hwy patrol now have video and audio. In the old days, yes, we did get off a lot. but now, we can't delete that audio or video, hence the discretion is going from the police, hence more tickets being issued. Don't blame us. imagine if your boss had video of you doing you job 24-7?? Imagine if radio stations or media were watching you 24-7, how confident would you feel?
    I work on the premis of 'How would i like to be treated or spoken to , or would I like my family to be treated'. Yes i agree, not all cops work like i do, but the majority I work with think Like that. We are all different. There are good cops and bad cops. Same as any other job in the world. There are good workers and bad workers. Please, Please don't tar us all with the same brush.
    P.s - Like most of you, i enjoy a drink, and I have had a couple, hence the raving. I am laid back and honest. So If you have some smart arse comment, easy reply - f*ck off. I am here for the majority of guys and girls with an interest in bikes and life in general who are down to earth, reasonable, civilised people.

  2. Welcome to NR Pottzie !

  3. Are you hwy, or gds mate? not out of BW by any chance? agree completly with what you are saying, you'll never get any where with people by being a rude bastard.
    welcome to forum.
  4. Which LAC?

    I'm suss.............
  5. Its a cop, lets get him *assembles the lynch mob*

    :LOL: But seriously, welcome.
  6. Aren't there any females in the NSW police force?
  7. Welcome to the forum, pottzie :). I'm sure your input will be valuable.

    Can I ask about a perceived inequity down Wollongong way??

    Th RTA put double unbroken lines over the full length of Macquarie Pass. We were told it was to monitor whether or not trucks could negotiate the Pass and stay on their own side of the road. We all thought this was a bit of a joke, because everyone knows they can't. However.

    Since that was done I am not aware of ONE truck having been booked for crossing the double unbroken lines, but know of many cars that have. Where is the justice or honesty in this matter? It seems pretty obvious to us that the lines are just there to give the police an excuse to book motorcyclists and cars for crossing the lines, driven by the frustration of travelling at 8 kph up this public road behind trucks who can drop diesel and cause US to have accidents, force other drivers off the road and into danger, as happened yesterday, and yet who are never penalised for anything they do???
  8. I'm highly suspicious of this post as a "copper" would go through the admins first to prove his credentials and then be able to legitimately provide advice, much like Hubie has done.

    go though the proper channels first if you are who you say you are and then we may be able to set something up.
  9. For once we can agree.
  10. Hi Pottzie, if you are a legitimate cop who wishes to pass on valuable legislative advice regarding riding then welcome. :grin:

    ...if your not then bugger off :cool:

    Fingers crossed that you are....and as Tweet and Smee quoted which LAC are you from??
  11. some of them appear to be female, but it is very debatable.
  12. Hey Smee and Tweet,

    Hubbie did not go through the admins first, he posted for about a month before it was official.

  13. Sorry, this be considered a thread hijack but when did the idea of the centrelines change within the RTA (in the eraly days it was to delineate the different sides, not to monitor trucks)?

    Also trucks can cross the centrelines under certain conditions (as advised during meetings with HWP Commanders) where the road design makes it impossible for them to stay solely within their lane. But, they must do it safely.

    As for cars/bikes being booked, they will be booked for 'overtaking over double yellow' lines (or whatever the charge may be) which is of course not permitted whereas the truck is not overtaking. Common sense approach used by the police in terms of judging the different reasons for crossing the lines.

  14. all vehicles classed HC and above are allowed to cross unbroken lines to negotiate a corner safely, and under most circumstances they are to have a rotating beacon on, on any route designated for them. They are also allowed to take up two lanes on multi-lane bridges and roundabouts. McPass (like McNuggets) is a designated route for heavy vehicles, excluding b-doubles (i think, from memory) although not the best route to take.
    sounds like the cops were just telling you what you wanna hear paul.
    also, the placement of all delineation devices is the RTAs resposibility, cops have nothing to do with their change.
    eg. we just altered the lane widths on braidwood rd (from goulburn) from 3.5m to 3.2m (god knows why :roll: ) and this was a directive from the RTA. :)

    edit- added stuff in italics
  15. It's what you don't know that kills you not what you think you know. :wink:
  16. For once I also agree with Tweet, sounds very suss, please elaborate on your 10 years experience in all fields wow given the size of the NSW Police Force with all the numerous units, departments etc, you must be Supercop.

    The language, the tone, doesn't sound remotely like a cop, as for having a few drinks while posting and ranting and raving, well thats even more of a concern because the uniform never comes off.
  17. language and tone? champ you obviously arent mates with many coppers.
  18. i clearly heard an audible tone! :grin: