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Offered a buyer from dealership.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Bike has been on bikesales.com for a week.
    (21 details views - no enquires)

    its an '05 ZX6R 636 with 29500kms on the clock
    I listed it at $6500 which seems to be a fair value judging by other similar vehicles out there.

    ..and today I got a call from a dealership offering me $5,500.

    On the face of it thats $1k less than I want and WAY less than its worth (insured value would be closer to $8k)

    On the other hand I have less than a weeks rego left (thats $200) and am about to hit an insurance renewal period ($150 per quarter)... and no doubt any genuine buyer would end up haggling me down a chunk (perhaps arguing me down to $6k) anyway.

    Am I mad to not sell to them in the hope of getting a higher figure, when realistically I've just managed to explain away $850 of the potential $1k extra I'll need to spend to keep it for sale!

    Why is something telling me not to do this? 8-[
  2. Simple choice, grab the money and run or hang out for more. The dealer probably has a buyer in mind and has to make a buck. Me, I'd grab the dough probably. Try him at $5750 maybe, by the time you insure, reg and discount you arent that far away anyway.
  3. I'd take it mate. You're not missing out on much with rego etc due. Also its guaranteed cash for you now.
  4. do you need to do RWC for the dealer?
  5. My 2c. Take the money, even if you do hang out for a private sale you've still got the hassle of tyre kickers coming round and wasting your time. A dealer offering $1K less than you're asking is not that unreasonable.
  6. Based on my (current and ongoing) experience trying to sell a car, take it :p
  7. If I had 5.5k I'd take it.
  8. Selling to a dealer can save alot of problems - unless your really really strapped for cash I would take it also.
  9. Doesn't sound too bad, since they called you i'd try and squeeze for $5.7k but if your keen to sell i'd take it.

    There is a LOT of used bikes/cars for sale online at the moment.
  10. Take the cash now.The 2nd bike market is crappy at the moment.
    Bargains are everywhere if you have cash.

    Being its insured for 8K-its cash or crash.
  11. Counteroffer $6k and see what they say.
  12. First offer is often the best offer.
  13. Hmm if its a decent offer you could put it on ebay for ebay for $5500 starting bid no reserve and just consider anything more a bonus. You are always going to get more from private.
  14. Like blabber said, it's a crap market atm. We are supposed to be having a warm dryer summer this year. Give it 2 or 3 months if you don't mind holding out and you will probably find someone come along with the readies.

    That said, does it really take that long to save $500? Typically if you can afford to own and run a bike, you would be saving decently in the time without one.
  15. It would not be unusual for a dealer to offer you a price , bike unseen, only to try to beat you down by picking ' faults ' with the bike. Just like private lookers do!If you want to sell it privately put a decent amount of rego on the bike , have good tyres and make sure it starts.
  16. Bikes are notoriously time consuming to sell.

    Take it and move on.
  17. Take it
    Just be careful it's not a scam
    Just because they say dealer doesn't mean shit
    Don't let the bike go without cash in hand
  18. ..[UPDATE]

    After a brief phone call they have upped their offer to $5,700 if I can bring it in this afternoon.

    So - after some careful consideration, thats the plan.

    Of course they might look at it, pick up on bits and pieces (tyre wear for example is legal and roadworthy - but not the best) and drop their offer significantly, in which case I'll just back off.
  19. Keep us posted on what happens. I think they may have a buyer already lined up.