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VIC Offence - Improper Use of Vehicle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. or something similar (not having control of veh).

    Useless info: Bike was impounded & taken to Preston for doing stand-up wheelie
    on Princes Hwy (Browns Rd to Corrigan Rd).

    Fine to arrive by post.

    Anyone know offhand what the fine is worth?

  2. Re: Offence - Improper Use of Vehicle

    Less than your bike, dude!

    That sucks. I hope it comes back in exactly the condition it was in when the police thieved it off you.
  3. Can't help you out MG, but do you a story for us :wink: :grin:
  4. So much for walking eh? :p.
  5. upwards of $270, plus storage fees. around $500 probably assuming you pick it up promptly :(
  6. damn, dude! this wouldn't happen to be you, eh?
  7. if its failing to control motor vehicle its $145 no points.
    If the fines to arrive by post his bike wasn't impounded either. So thats all it'll be.
  8. You think?
  9. Bahaha. Really MG, I think you're the only NR who could get their bike impounded without actually being on it...I think your bike is being watched from space.
  10. the pleasure was all mine ;)
  11. Well I am glad that you have been behaving...and you will cut a very svelte figure when you get the licence back :grin:

    I hope that your mate IS sorry, and he pays up :twisted:
  12. Yeah, make sure you get his money before you beat him senseless! :evil:
  13. snicker.

    Oh I wish I had slight inclines

    As to the rest, so ur mate will be paying the impound fees? Interesting question, are they likely to impound the bike for longer next time :p Or is that on the licence (as you would expect) If it were on the licence and it were his third offence could you lose the bike for good?

    Might be time to take that mate and a shotgun for a walk in the woods :mad:
  14. Yeah, make sure you get his money before you beat him senseless! :evil:
  15. He said his bike was impounded so he will receive a summons to attend court for Improper Use.
  16. here's an artist's impression of incident:


    with respect, of course!
  17. Of course the courts would just come back and say that the owner is fully responsible for what happens to the vehicle at any time :roll:. That's when you report it stolen :p.

    What's that officer? A 2km rolling stoppy? Well I thought a mate had my bike but it must've been nicked! :).
  18. Fair enuf. Maybe don't kill him then. ;)

    Not fair to lose it even temporarily
    Obviously no one would ride their own bike if you only lost it when on your own bike. Hmmm. I dunno about that Its just dodgy legislation. What we should have is legislation where the cops can apply to impound a vehicle don't you think?

    If anyone actually knows the legal situation.

    Hey I was practicing bunny hops the other day on the pushy. And did one on the way home. Down the bottom of riversdale rd in Surrey Hills their is a pot hole that goes across the whole lane. You have to swerve almost into the other lane to get around it.. dodgy on a pushy. And hitting it at 50 or more could spoil your whole day. Bunny hopping seems the solution. Anyway I pulled one off perfectly on my new CRI. At 25... but hey. Will work my way up to 50. So there I was with no wheels on the road. Ummm are the hoon law people going to confiscate my CR1? Do I have control of the vehicle.

    On that front I know a rider who cought in a bunch pile up managed to bunny hop a fallen and tumbling rider. Was he not under control?
  19. Nahh they'd get you for not maintaining proper traction :p
  20. Just thinking... on the news this morning it was reported that more than 50 cars in the Ballarat region slide off the road due to black ice. How many do you suppose were impounded for failing to maintain proper traction???
  21. That's also neg driving I believe.