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Off with the Gloves!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Stuffed the summer gloves away last night and been wearing the winter ones for the past couple of days. Definitely warmer but it little disconcerting that the controls are just that much further away and the feel isn't as good.

  2. true, so true... I mash around the controls with the thick gloves on and i honk other drivers when trying to indicate.
  3. Heh... I thought this was gonna be another barney post.
  4. Can't wear the winter gloves at all, I wear "bleeps" (similar to the Harley Cruiser glove) all year round and I just throw in the cotton liners in winter. Their warm and dry and I can still feel the controls.
  5. I saw a bloke with rubber type mittens on and he said he had no probs at all. He said it kept him dry and stopped the wind so the gloves stayed warm. I cant find any around here to try.

    I thought to try plastic throw aways but I cant find them big enough.

    I am just still freezing in leather-fur lined gloves until I find an answer. The Nylon/whatever lined gloves are no better.

  6. A topic close to my heart at the moment...I bought a pair of Dririder winter gloves at bikemart last week...at first i was wary as they were pretty thick and cumbersome but after some discussion with the salesperson she assured me that after a few days i would get used to them...well I still feel like I'm riding with bloody boxing gloves on, they are ungainly, uncomfortable and in my opinion downright dangerous as they are that thick I don't have any 'feel' at all...I may as well be twisting somebody elses throttle.

    So I am going to go into bikemart tomorrow night and see if they can order me in a set of Collins ones...I tried them on the night but they didn't have my size so I gave the Dririders a go...bnut after nearly a week of riding I hate them with a passion...and they still feel as bad as they did when I put em on
  7. My plan is complete!!! Booo har har har!!!
  8. u got me worried now....... I bought the same ones. I dont mind winter gloves and the took me a couple of days to get used too. but if you reckon they that bad then im in trouble
  9. They all feel like that because you have spent so much time with the sunmmer gloves.

    They will "bed in" and feel alot more comfortable after a few outings.
  10. Sobil,

    If your happy with yours keep em...this is only my personal experience so far


    I thought that too but I ride everyday and they still feel ungainly and uncomfortable...I would rather put up with cold hands because at least I have some feel for how much throttle and brake I'm applying...I have only had good experiences with Bikemart and I'm sure they will find me something more suitable :)
  11. Yep its the dryrider gloves that I've got...bought them years ago when I got the cbr250r, didn't use them last winter because I was still getting my head around the 1000RR and wanted all the control I could get (the leather gloves getting repeated saturated might be part of the reason my alpinestar gloves only lasted 10 months).

    I'm starting to get a handle on the ungainliness but its still not real confidence inspiring.
  12. I wear my racing gloves all year round, in the winter I just wear thermal gloves underneath. Plenty warm enough and ooodles of feel
  13. i have a pair of Belstaff max carbon race that have been through the worst weather mother nature could throw at them (and in all seasons on british salted roads) and they are only now beginning to wear out after 7 years, you need to look after your gloves better :p :p :p
  14. i will be happy if my gloves last 7 years,there still looking like new after 2 though
  15. Didn't misteated them AFAIK, wore them every day and aired them (not near a heater) to dry them if they were wet, but the left index finger still wore through. Then again they didn't see any leather protection stuff so that might have been the cause, and in city traffic its not uncommon to have to ride the clutch a lot.

    I feel pretty jibbed on the lifespan of them......doubt I'll get alpinestars again especially after finding Joe Jocket gloves which are infinitely more comfortable.
  16. roughcactus...may i ask what type of dri rider gloves u bought? and the cost?? :wink:
  17. I have alpine* winter gloves and find them OK.
    certainly warm enough.

    It's all I have ever known, having being riding for all of 2 weeks now!
    I have occasionally beeped the horn or high beamed at the wrong time though. :D
  18. sure mate...they are Dri-rider Highlander gloves...
  19. maybe everyone wears gloves out at different rates, just like shoes? could possibly, the type of rubber grip you have make a difference?

    whats the go with summer gloves, I havent brought any yet, but they look pretty usless for providing any protection if you come off? the bloke in the bike shop said most people use motorcross gloves in winter?
  20. I have leather AGV gloves which i dont wear anymore because they are too uncomftable and dangerous, I have to make a real effort to grab the brake lever and frequently hit the horn when trying to indicate, so much that I have disconnected de horn.
    Bought r-jays textile gloves which offer more feel but basically no protection in an off.
    So am looking for another brand dont know what ill try as it is a bit of a guess as they may feel weird or ok in the shop but after a few weeks the truth on comfort and feel is revealed, which is too late to take em back to shop. The line " they will loosen up after a few rides mate" isnt always the case.
    I cant go past my alpine* summer gloves for feel, probally more protection then r-jays but too blooody cold in winter.