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Off topic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Yes. Should always stay on topic.

  2. Dont mind long as it stays interesting

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  3. If it's important enough it'll get back on topic eventually

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  4. Dont mind at all.

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  1. Do you mind when threads head off topic?
    I know it happens quite a bit on other forums, but do you mind it too much on this forum, being a special intrest site?
    Just looking for some opinions; thanks :)

  2. I am bitterly disappointed to the core when a post stays ontopic for more than 3 replies.
  3. Not at all,
    In fact i think there should be more off topic discussion :? It makes things more interesting and prevents the same thing being discussed over and over, the majority of discussion will still be motorcycle related because only people interested in motorcycles would find this site in the first place. :cool: :wink:

    O/T PS: We need more smilies (Pictures speak a thousand words) :grin:
  4. Who's going for a ride to the beach on Sat?
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I was wondering who would be the first
  6. I was thinking about going today but decided it was too hot... tomorrow will be 42! Might leave it a few days... or maybe i wont. hummm. new thread?

    hang on a second!!!! are you trying to hijack my thread jerk?
  7. Looks like the majority of people are naked and dont care :LOL:

    This thread has been on topic for too long I think.

    So, who will be making some jaffles for new years snacks hmm?
    The perfect late night snack.

    If you make the jaffle in 2005 and then eat it in 2006 will it be a year old, and thus give you food poisoning?
  8. Whats a jaffle???, is it the same as a waffle??

    Yipeee, the toastie thread is back :LOL:
  10. Theres an Angelina Jolie movie on Poxtel..
  11. I was naked, but then I put a towel on.

    My towel is black

    Black towels are bigger
  12. Than what?
  13. Actually I mind.

    When a topic starts off interesting and then strays off topic it's a waste of bandwidth. Currently, I start reading a thread that looks to be interesting then it turns to crap, if that topic happens to come back on topic I wont see it because I have placed it in my "not interested pile"

    I'd much prefer people started another thread rather than hijack someone elses.
  14. White towels :grin:

    Vic what's this 'not-interested pile' you speak of? I could use one of them to help browse these forums :)

  15. They will be available for purchase on the merchandise page soon :LOL:
  16. In any colour as long as it is black.

    I tend to agree with Vic, if a topic goes way off I tend to ignore it from then on. It may come good but I would never know.

    Too many words, so few keys...... I am still looking for the "any key"
  17. As long as the thread is funny when it goes offtopic, all is good.
  18. or totaly random.

    Peanut butter and Oregeno WILL NOT get you STONED.hahahahahahah.
  19. I am with you on this one Vic, too many times I read posts of interest then it turns too something that belongs in the Jokes & Humour section or it becomes a communication between 2 or 3 people within a thread talking about absolute garbage. Yes, I know I don't have too read it, but I do because the subject may interest me and you need to sort thru the rubbish to get to the good stuff.

    MSN or a PM's is for comminication between people, but more and more it seems that thread highjacking is more fun!
  20. I thought it was Nutmeg and Oregano, ie. Idle Hands.

    But yeah, even that combination wont get you stoned :(