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Off-Topic: Name the movie!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Squog, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Download this music file, and name the movie it is from!

    Download here 1.5Mb

    Good luck!


  2. buggered if i know

    Out of Africa?
  3. nope :D

    keep guessing :)
  4. DRAGONFLY Starring Kevin Costner
  5. Ok - I think I know but don't want to give it away if others want to keep guessing... Does the movie have anything to do with horses?
  6. Got me stumped. :(

    Field of dreams????? Or some other Costner movie.?
  7. gabak - no

    Muzbot - yes

    Rolla - no

    ooh... I reckon it's finished in the next 2 posts... :(
  8. Media Player 10 shows the album cover and makes it easy...

    The Horse Whisperer.
  9. LOL! yeah I had that happen to me, too... silly thing :( next one will be ultra-tricky :D :evil:
  10. yeah - have to admit that iTunes helped me by showing the album cover too...
  11. yeah i knew it was somethin to do with kevin costner cause it sounded like a flop
  12. LoL I think it was Robert Redford :D but they are both flops hehehe