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Off-topic mini rage thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bulby, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread for all your non bike/riding related mini rages.
    Hopefully we can keep the "Share your mini rages here." thread on-topic.

    (Greydog gave me the idea) :)

    I'll start with a totally random mini-rage.

    Toilet paper rolls. You're supposed to place it over! Never under! [-(
    (i.e. when you pull, it should roll towards you instead of away from you).

  2. The amount of mini rage threads....

    What happened to a good old fashioned nodding thread?


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  3. Which is why I asked the question. If somone had said they're already on here, well fair enough... but no, no one spoke up, so now there's another one. We build a bridge...

    My mini rage - the BIIIIG boss comes to my office and people can't keep a kitchen clean or tidy up. So I get the comment, "Housekeeping has slipped a bit." Gah!
  4. Juliar Gillard

  5. that has topped my birthday week sofarr 2 days to go cant wait
  6. Back in my day, when I went to the pick-up joint, the dunny roll had usually been pissed on, so you were lucky if you didn't have to use your hand! Needless to say, we didn't care which way it was put onto the holder koz it was too wet to use anyway! :cheeky:
  7. +1 agree
  8. I hate small minded people in influential positions. Their stupidity leaves it's footprints across the landscape of society, and we suffer the consequences.

    It should be legal to smash their faces in !!!
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  9. Please explain...

  10. Oh hell yes. They push out decent people and surround themselves with like minded scum. And when they take over government departments... They can make one's life hell.
  11. To the slimeball who stole my grandmother's vast collection of original 70s star wars stuff, along with her collection of smurfs toys, and a bunch of her own childhood toys to boot... i have no words. That lifelong toy collection means more to her than anything -_-
  12. when my daughter is having an epic tantrum at the checkout don't shake your goddam head, tut and offer advice; are you really suprised I told you to f**k off.

    Done :)
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  13. I usually give the parents that "you poor buggers" smile. Always reminds me how I gave my parents hell (and the subsequent cane to bums / calves when we got home). lol
  14. Bad Pizza. It's not a very complicated dish but you will be surprised how many places F*** it up.

    In general bad food at restaurants. Went to an asian place last week and ordered Chilli Pork on rice, when it came out - looked like dog vomit on rice. Tasted like crap as well.
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    Thats the way. My dads favorite was a wooden spoon to the knuckles :D course you can't do that these days.

    Never did me any long term harm, other than getting anxious around kitchen utensils * twitch * twitch twitch*
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  16. Well what do expect of dog vomit?
  17. Lazy bastards pulling sickies when the team's already understaffed due to other members being on leave, leaving me as the only one in the team still at work today.
    Now I can't even knock off 20 minutes early to pick up my spare parts. And lunch break will consist of a 10 minutes run to grab a sammich and back to eat it in front of the computer.

    *rant rant rant*

    le sigh... k. feels better now.
  18. I am bloody annoyed that I appear to have chickenpox for the second time in 18 months, especially having managed to avoid it for the preceeding 33 years.
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  19. One fist. one face, apply both together at a very fast pace,

    They then get your message, Hahahaha