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Off Topic Advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Trisha14, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Funky Aluminium

  2. Stury Wood

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  1. Okay - I know this is way off topic but this forum just has a lot of users with fabulous life experience so I couldn't go past here when seeking some advice :grin: .

    What sort of outdoor setting should I get -

    A) a funky aluminium outdoor setting. Table is square, powdercoated silver with glass top, seats eight. Chairs have the same powdercoated frame, with blue mesh seat and back. $749

    8) a wooden outdoor seeting. Once again table is square and seats eight. Chairs a all wooden and come with cream padded cushions that are removable. $1,100

    Advice is appreciated.

  2. Six milkcrates and cable reel turned on it's side - FREE

    Having the classiest outdoor setting in your neighbourhood - PRICELESS
  3. Why would they powdercoat aluminium when it's naturally silver?
  4. We recently bought a jarrah outdoor setting. We just preferred the look of timber, and figured it'd last well provided we oiled it once in a while.

    I think the metal/glass ones will fall out of fashion sooner than the timber ones, too. And somehow weathered wood doesn't look as crappy as metal/glass, after a couple of years of bird poop, sun and rain.

    But it also depends on the look of the area you want to put it in, and your personal taste of course. :)
  5. I'm with Pete, go with the industrial chique and spend the $1100 on a nice exhaust or somethin'...
  6. go the wood.
    Maintenance is higher, but will always be better.
  7. A) suck, i think every Mitre10, Bunnings and Big W types store must ahve bought a few ship loads of these cheap, they are everywhere.

    b) awesome. But find a local manufacturer and you find some one who makes them from recycled timber from old houses etc and have heaps of character (if thats your thing). They use mich higher quality timber this way too.

    Timber does need some maintenance or will only last a few years.
  8. Because over time the exposed aluminium surface oxidises and gets a greyish/milky unattractive look to it. Plus you get a choice of colours?
  9. Because it also naturally anodises as well, so when it rains it gets water marks all over it that go all chalky and white.

    I hate glass tops so I would go for the wood. However it does take a bit more maintenance, I recommend giving it a coating of organ oil every 6 months to keep the natural colour of the timber.

    When I get around to it I will be building a combination of timber and alloy to go with the bar that I built a couple of years ago.
  10. I prefer the wood.... if you are wearing shorts.... aluminium feels yuck
  11. hey Trish, I've got no preference, but I'm glad you asked the question so we could get Pete's classic answer :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Thank you, thank you.

    I'm here till Thursday, try the veal...
  13. Ahh yeah know that just wondering why you'd powder coat it silver when you could just clearcoat it. Although anodised aluminium does weather pretty well provided you give it a polish every now and then (no worse maintenance wise than having to re-oil timber).
    Edit: oh and the colour change is more to do with pollution (ie acid rain) since aluminium actually oxidises within a matter of seconds ie you never really see aluminium only the protective oxide layer.
  14. I bought a Jarrah setting for my mum about 15 years ago for a present, it's been sitting outside for 15 years and is still solid (I painted it as I wasn't there to oil it reguarly). They _do_ last and a good one will easily outlast an aluminium and glass one.

    But they are a pain to move around... if you have a fixed location and won't ever need to move it... go the wood, if you shift locations then consider the glass and aluminium ones...
  15. The powder coating will fade in the sun.

    The wood can be re-re-re-restored over the years.

    However, which one is more comfortable? That'd be an important consideration in my books.

  16. No use asking me, at the start of every spring I build barbeque furniture out of pallets. The reason it's called barbeque furniture is that by the start of winter it's starting to warp and rot and I use it to fuel the barbeque :wink:

    recycling Nobby style.....