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Off to the land of the Enfield

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ashes, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Well, off tonight for a couple of weeks in India. Looking forward to jumping on a couple of bikes there and putting around if the opportunity presents. Will be working in Bangalore for a couple of weeks but hopefully can keep up to date on the forums, safe riding and safe posting all...

  2. have fun matey :) enjoy the trip :D
  3. Heya,

    Woo Hooo sounds like a great trip.. Have fun :D :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. Gday ........ Well have a great time and a safe trip.

    Cheers and safe riding.

    ST SPRINT 8)
  5. dude, it will be fun but be careful in the traffic over there as its like nothing else (in places) on this planet
  6. Hey Ashes, have fun and come back safe :)
  7. In Singapore at the moment, really comfortable trip. They stuffed up my booking and had to put me in first class...who am I to complain. Must admit if I see one more electronics shop selling exactly the same s%$t I'm gunna scream. Must have seen at least 100 shops with the same stuff.
    btw, plenty of larger cruisers in Singapore, Phantoms.. heaps of CB600's. Not as many scooters as I'll see in India. I've been to India before so have a good idea what to expect
  8. Have fun stay safe can't wait to see the pics!
  9. We are all wimps.

    We wear leather jackets and pants, we wear helmets, we wear good boots, we wear gloves, we ristrict ourselves to 2 or less on a bike, we use our mirrors and headcheck, we indicate, we keep a good safety buffer between us and other vehicles.

    Me thinks we need to spend a week riding in India to show ourselves that it is possible to survive riding a bike without all our gear and safety procedures. On the other hand, traffic does not go much above 40kmph, people here are damn good at braking and are aware that a cow is likely to step in front of them at any time
  10. I was in India last year but in Mumbai. However I didn't saw that many Enfield as I expected though.

    Your right about the traffic but I've found it to be the same in most conutry especially Italy.

    Have fun!
  11. Yep, haven't actually spotted an Enfield yet. About 50% Hondas though (Hero Honda's here). Most bikes are either 100 or 150cc and dont seem to have much trouble going two up.
  12. hey man, hope your havin an awesome time over there, been to india plenty of times (being curry and all :LOL: ). You havent mentioned anything yet about seeing a family of 5 on a vespa with their shopping yet, wait till you see that hehe/ I dont think you'll see too many enfields in bangalore though, they are pretty common in places with more open road like punjab. enfields One of the preffered modes of transport for would be gangstas too! pretty surprising given the quality indian workmanship :D :LOL: :LOL: hehe
  13. Last time I was here (about 3 years ago) I saw five on a scooter. Best so far this time is 3. Last night a dude was talking on his mobile while riding and he was weaving all over the road and get abused from all quarters...
  14. Spotted an Enfield today. Had a BMW K75 type fairing, 2 paniers and a top box...

    Was speaking to a girl in the office where I am at the moment, she rides a Honda Splendor (100CC) I think. She tells me she is doing well in the traffic here, has only been knocked off the bike 5 times so far. She has been riding for 3 months..
  15. well i guess after riding around in india, you come back and wonder what the fuss is all about heh? protective gear etc etc.

    hah! what do you mean, they ride around with raybans on & looking tough?

    kinda reminds me of that peugeot ad on tv a while ago. guy knocked his car in to look like a pug :LOL:
  16. yeah, top gun aviator sunglasses and all, hahaha. Nah, a lot of "tough guys" like to ride them around, bit of a bad bay/hardass image to them but maybe diff in other states to where i was. Most of them would ride fireblades at the drop of a hat (or turban) but when you have a family think about (and transport) nothing quite beats a vespa for storage space and passengers. Say ashes, have you noticed yet that when people do decide to wear helmets they are usually blue colored construction helmets or cricket helmets without the grill, hahahaha. Once again, maybe a punjabi thing only
  17. Nah, the 5-10% here that wear helmets are actually reasonable looking lids. The younger riders tend to wear helmets more than the middle aged riders. Aint seen too many older riders.
    An interesting number for you, there are over 75,000 3 wheel auto-rics in Bangalore...
  18. them 3-wheel things called the "bajaj"?

    i rode in one before, shook & rattled every bone in my body. when you get off everything feels so quiet and peaceful :LOL:
  19. nah nah, the 3 wheelers i think he is talking about are also called auto-rickshaws. There is a drivers seat (often shared by a passenger) and then room in the back for 2 aussies or 10 indian school kids. they are enclosed. The bajaj is a brand of bike, its kinda like an automatic postie bike. well their flagship bajaj is anyway
  20. Bajaj make the 3 wheelers also so you probably are both right. I'm talking about the one Sandog mentioned.
    Amazing buzzy sound they make through an exhaust system about the diameter of a 5 cent piece. Wonder what they would sound like with a Yoshi system?
    And yes you really can fit 10 kids in one of them.