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Off to Army Basic Training next Friday any tips

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by radness, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. So I joined the Army Reserves (Operator Supply) and I'm off to basic training for 28 days from Friday the 7th. Anyone got any tips for me to help me get through this probably challenging time?

    I'm just hoping that spring has settled in and I should have good weather up there for the month.
  2. its only 4 weeks now and the new guys come back with softer and softer stories.

    when i went through a few years back we lost 1/3 of the platoon by the end but the last few people ive talked to, everyone made it to the end :shock: so your gonna be fine mate. Just realise that its a game. the when you get back to your unit it will be nothink like kapooka.

    so just play the game while your there, make your be all nice, iron your uniform, stay switched on and most importantly stick with your mates.

    Youll be fine
  3. :WStupid:

    And remember that those 'orrible screaming large gentlemen (Sgt / Warrant Officer) are actually there to HELP you.
    Keep eyes ears open, mouth shut and help your mates.
    It's amazing how much fun you can have!


    Add to the must take list:
    (i) liquid Hi Gloss boot polish (Parade Boots) You will use it and if you have some spare will be a real mate to a lot of people;
    (ii) Brasso and some ultra-fine sandpaper. (If you sandpaper your brass to remove casting marks, it polishes up 120% better.)
    (iii) A small sewing kit.
  4. My brothers did it 15yrs ago and hated it, but got through it coz they knew it was a limited time. Just remember it will end; you'll be told what to do to a rediculous degree - just accept it; and meet some mates :)

    My brothers were actually doing apprenticeships, but I think it's the same basic training at the start.
  5. I did full-time basic training in 1972, and as observed by others, I'm sure it's changed a lot. One thing will not have; the system will always win.

    The golden rule is, "Yes Sir, No Sir, three bags full Sir."
  6. Do what you're told, try not to think, and rely on +support your mates. You'll be fine.
  7. Learn to march to the gents at 2.30 am - they will look for you...

    Take some black electrical tape - fixes all manor of issues - particularly around socks..

    Practice ironing
    Practice 30 second showers
    Practice polishing rough brass into a golden gleam (this will occupy 4/10ths of your off duty time..
    Did I say Off duty? forget that

    The idea is to slowly break your independence (but not break you)and then rebuild you into a fighting team that depends on each other to survive. Instant reaction that has been drilled into you can save your mates life.. So they want you to bond closely (in the nicest possible way)

    Most people come out feeling tired but immensley satisfied and proud to get through it..
    Have Fun :)
  8. 1. Forget every thing you saw in the movies.
    2. listen & don't think
    3. Do exactly as your told.
    4. have fun, but maintain your focus at all times.
  9. talk back! i dare ya.

  10. Unless the question is how many bags of Sh!t do you want t ocarry out of the latrine. Then you will only want to go for one bag.
  11. Resist the temptation to scoff yourself at breakfast. They'll stick you straight into PT right after you finishing scoffing! There was a lot of spew that day!

    I hope you've been running your @rse off too! Otherwise, get crackin!

    One Go (floor polish) is great for shoes too.

    Like slickncghia said, its just a game. Just play the game.
  12. You dont need to take anything with you except what is on the list of stuff that they told you to bring!! Remember not to stand out in the crowd because if you do they will definatley come down harder on you than most. as others said teamwork is the most important thing they are looking for! Head down arse up.

    i went back in 2001-2 and it wasn't too bad. the reason for that was i was quite fit, i ran every day after work and did my sit ups and push ups everyday. is it still 25 push ups and 45 sit ups???? because once you come out of kapooka i had to do 50 pushups and 100 situps.

    you will love the live fire shoots and dusty warrior is to die for!!!
  13. oh and another thing!! if you can get on net and find out the specs on the styre and minimi it will make things a little easier. also i still have the ratel and comsec procedures hand out. if you can find this on the net get it as it will make your iet's alot easier

    lol me at kapook lol lol
    This was after dusty warrior with my section.
    some real fun
    my platoon 25
  14. Steal a rocket launcher.
  15. Good work!!! You will enjoy it.... The Reserve course has changed heaps since a lot of people have been through. I marched out from the 28 day course in March this year, and it hasn't changed since then, si I can give you a good idea......

    Firstly, all the shit that they ask you to bring.....you really don't need to bring anything extra other than a smallish padlock......

    As a reservist, you will not be getting issued any poly's there....just cams...

    What will happen, is you will fly to Sydney on Thursday, be greeted in Sydney at the airport by a SGT from Kapooka. As soon as you see him, Army life starts....he will take you to usually the Holiday Inn near the airport where you will stay overnight, then bus to Kapooka the next morning.

    When you get to Kapooka, you will shit yourself. Everyone does and even the guys that think they are Rambo will too. You will be marched into the Welcome Centre and greeted. WARNING!!!! ENSURE YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY ALCOHOL OR WEAPONS (INCLUDING POCKET KNIVES WITH YOU)... If you do, you will be given a brief 2 minute amnesty to hand it over to the MP's without charge. They will warn you that if you caught with anything like that through out your training, you will be disciplined.

    Also, do not take anything to read, ie books, magazines etc....they will confiscate them (although you will get them back).

    From here, they will call the names of the people going to the respective platoon. Generally they will march 2 platoons (at about 50 soldiers each) at a time.

    Once they split the platoons, you will be walked to the lines. Here you will be introduced to your Section Commanders and split into sections. There will be 4 sections per platoon. From here, you will be told go upstairs and find your room, place your bag on the bed and stand in the hallway.

    The rest, just follow the flow.

    REMEMBER: As others have said, it is a game. If you can't change something, then go with it.

    Here are a number of pointers:

    1 - Learn Ranks. At Kapooka, you will have 4 section commanders in your platoon. They will be Corporal/Bombadier rank. There will be 1 Platoon Sergeant and a Platoon Commander (Lt Rank) You will be expected to refer to them by their rank only. No names, nicknames or nick-ranks. Do not say Sarge, Corpy, Bomber or the like...

    2 - Never talk back
    3 - Learn to march as quickly as you are taught
    4 - Learn to march in the lines with your feet hardly touching the ground
    5 - Learn to shower, shave, dress, undress and get ready quickly
    6 - Listen. Instructions are brief, but precise. You will be quizzed often. You are always given opportunities to ask questions.
    7 - Never ask red herrings (questions with no relevance)
    8 - Your local leave to Wagga will come prolly the Wednesday before the field trip
    9 - Your field trip will involve 3 nights in the field, one of which will be right behind the WTSS. (You will learn what WTSS is)
    10 - Try everything. You will surprise yourself with what you can do
    11 - For the first 3 days, you will have no phone contact at all with the outside world. During this time, this the their opportunity to break you down and start building you onto a Soldier. Sunday night is the usually their first opportunity to call home. You only usually get 5-10 minutes, so learn to be able to communicate really quickly. Suring these first couple of days, this is when you will prolly wish you hadn't joined the army.
    12 - Learn things as quickly as you can, and help your mates.....help everyone in your platoon. The staff like speed training. They like to make you do things again and again and again if you fcuk it up.
    13 - It does get easier. You will start to get more priveledges as the weeks go by, such as more admin time, and extra trips to Fronters (Frontline - where the shop is). Towards the end of the 3rd week, the seccos start going home early, leaving one there till late. The Hallway biatch (one of your platoon) will be incharge. During the last week, our seccos went home after dinner so we were there by ourselves after arouund 6:30pm ish
    14 - If you take your time to get out of bed now, learn to stop that. When they call Hallway in the morning (usually 0600), you will have precisely 10 seconds to be out of bed, PJ's tucked in (yes, you HAVE to wear PJ's), thongs on and have BOTH sheets from your bed over you should, then out in the hallways at attention before calling hallway numbers.
    15 - Have fun!!! It's a lot like school, the closer to the end you get, the more you wish your time wasn't finishing. Once you leave, you'll want to go back.

    Just make sure you are on your game, and alert at all times, nothing pisses a secco off more than people that either don't listen, didn't listen or have no intentions of listening...

    Good luck,

    PS: For the record, here are my 1RTB details:

    13Pl B-Coy 2 Section

    EDIT: Removed Staff names...PM me if you are interested...
  16. Both sheets over the shoulder! Bastards. No more short-sheeting. Christ, how many nights did I sleep on a blanket on the floor so that I didn't mess up my pristine short-sheeted bed, just so I could save 5 minutes in the morning.

    I didn't do Army but when I did ADFA, it was pretty much run by Army as most of what was done had been migrated from Duntroon(ADFA had only been going about 4 years).

    Some easy rules:
    - Don't be a smart-ass or smirk when someone else is in the shit. Just look blankly ahead and ignore it. Otherwise the instructors will hit you up even harder than they are the person who screwed up.

    - When you are getting bollocked(and it will happen often) be attentive, don't totally switch off, but let it wash over you. It is nothing personal and in a couple of hours none of it will matter. I had a senior cadet that was always into me and saying he was going to make it his mission in life to get me to resign and get out of HIS military. Once the senior/junior cadet thing was no longer in place(just before his grad) we laughed about this at the bar because he agreed it was such a wanker statement.

    - You will get better at most things very quickly. Just keep plugging away and trying. Behind all the yelling, that is all the instructors are asking for. It may seem insurmountable at times, but you will become very good at time management and concurrent activity.

    - Above all else, look after your section mates. Even if it means getting in the shit yourself. I learnt this first hand when a cadet from another section didn't turn up for parade. We only had 1 minute to go before formup but me and another bloke raced back to the blocks and found him still asleep. We managed to get him into drill gear, with rifle and brass, and down to parade ground within 10 minutes. When we presented to the OC he reefed us all a new one. But then called me and the other bloke who helped out back. He asked if we had been on time but went back when we realised the other guy wasn't there. When we said yes, he said "F$%^ing well done blokes. That is outstanding. I'm impressed."

    Have a great time 8-[ and keep that weapon pointed down range at all times!!!!
  17. Tubby

    Excellent report
    and couldnt have been put better

    just one thing you messed up on
    you really should have PM'd the last bit
    its really not a good idea to advertise on a public forum the names and ranks of enlisted members

  18. Thanks Phil....good point, I edited my post

  19. And, might I also add an old fogey's comment...

    It'll make a man of ya :p :LOL:.
  20. Do they play lots of mind games at Kapooka? I know at Duntroon they spent a lot of time doing that.

    Does anyone rememeber splits??? Fook i hated them. Having to excuse yourself to every senior cadet in the hallway on your second day and all of your cadets behind you without looking didn't help the situation either! Man they loved that sh!t!