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Off to a good start

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bill M, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Off to a good start.

    Had a bit of a cathartic moment last year – I realised that although I’m getting older, I have no significant debts, no dependants and plenty of spare time. Three of the main reasons I’ve previously avoided getting into biking for near on 20 years, so time to re-evaluate.

    I booked in and got my Learner Permit through Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing (Vic) in mid January, and have been sorting my meagre finances out trying to figure what I should get, what I can afford, and looking at what’s available. Got a call letting me know a new trade-in had just arrived at Doncaster BMW, and might be worth a look. I looked, a mate test-rode it for me, and I dropped the cash.

    My new baby showed up in time for the (awesome) weekend. A 2003 BMW F650CS Scarver. Some say it’s ugly, others like it – I think I’m in love!

    Motored around the local back streets for an hour or so just remembering the basics, before heading to a nearby empty car park. Great place to practice the basics for a day 1 learner. Rode around in circles at various speeds, some slow turns, some fast accelerations, some (light) emergency stops etc. Got home and peeled the suit off... Don’t think I’ve EVER sweated as much in my life! Admittedly it was 33 degrees and I’m far from relaxed – even so, there wasn’t anything I took off that wasn’t dripping!

    Day two, my long-term biker mate finally gets his classic 60’s Kawa working again, and we go for a cruise. Another hot day, but we weren’t just doing laps of a car park this time. Some small stretches of Beach Road and just playing follow-the-leader through some leafy back streets.

    I didn’t crash. I didn’t die. What I did do is have a great time, and confirmed to myself that I’ve made the right move. Should have done this years ago!


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  2. Amen to that, my thoughts excatly as a late bloomer
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  3. It's never too late to start; don't let the ageist doom-sayers put you off

    welcome to the road, and welcome to Netrider
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  4. Pics please :)
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  5. Yeah I'm planning on being there soon - Friday nights tend to leave me in a less than optimal form come Saturday morning :p But after my adventures so far, the Marina isn't looking quite as far anymore :)
  6. ... And a good start it surely is. :)
  7. I suppose it's a good sign that I've been riding it rather than taking photo's :) I don't want to be one of those food photographers letting my breakfast go cold for the sake of social media - I'd rather enjoy it with my own senses!

    But... I do have one pic. This is minutes after it arrived. Excuse the cheesy grin - it was totally impossible to wipe it off my face! Actually still have it :)

  8. Welcome Bill nice pic. Hope to see you down at Elwood one Saturday, its really not that far from you. :)
  9. Good stuff Bill
    Hope you enjoy your new ride.
  10. Get out on the open road and enjoy yourself!
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  11. Wouldn't call it ugly . Cosmetically challenged maybe :) , but BMW are known for making the occasional odd decision. Hope to see you at Sat Practice.
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  12. hey mate
    thats a cool ride im new to and loving it ,welcome to the fold(y)
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  13. I like it! Welcome.
  14. Took delivery of a new DryRider mesh jacket and gloves (rookie mistake with the first purchase in January!) and tried them out - MUCH better!! Been a consistently hot summer, so cooler days just haven't been an option.

    The mesh is my new (second) best friend!

    Also first time riding at dusk, and even saw a bit of light rain. Small steps, don't want to push my luck with a nighttime thunderstorm just yet...

    Makes me feel alive :D
  15. Right on Bill. You do look happy, buts that's makes us riders. Cheers