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Off those embarrassing L's, Thanks H.A.R.T.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Freeform, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Finally got of my bum and booked my licence test.
    Went out to Hart in Kilsyth at the bottom of Mt Dandenong, scenery was beautiful all day, with the clouds rolling over the mountain.
    Too bad it was pouring rain all day...

    Decent training centre there, the instructors were beyond fantastic, they had my in stitches laughing most of the day and I still walked away with some new skills and even more confidence.
    The two instructors that took our class are leaving in a week or 2 so I can't recommend the Kilsyth centre as I don't know who will be replacing them.

    I really appreciate the focus on rider training, counter steering, slow speed manoeuvres and a lot of other necessary skills for new riders that most centres wouldn't bother with, and they actually make it fun.
    The focus was really on making everyone there a safer rider, not about the test.

    Lots of 1 on 1 training, all in all a fantastic day, the licence test at the end was almost irrelevant to the training I got, didn't even care if I failed (luckily I didn't).

    Thanks H.A.R.T.

    Now..... 363 days until I can get on my cb1100...mmmmm (y)

  2. Congrats.

    How many points did you accumulate?
  3. Congrats, but no need to beembarrassed about the Ls. We all started there.
  4. I'm curious does it still work the same as it used to ?

    You accumulate points based on errors etc any more than x and you fail ?
  5. Congrats mate and again, no need to be embarrassed about wearing L plates. Not only do we all start there, as already mentioned but I had one such rider trying to constantly race me at the lights on the Nepean Hwy the other day ????? Can't be that bad (y)
    Well done buddy... onwards and upwards :)
  6. Yay, congratulations!
    I display my 'L' plates with pride.
  7. I was so chuffed with my Ls that I used one as my avatar. The P doesn't look quite so cool in my opinion. But it does indicate you should take any of my advice with a grainof salt
  8. Thanks guys,
    Lol brmmmm, you seem to have some pretty valid advice and times.
    Anywhoo its still the points system, I got 20, although I'm sure I could have done better if the weather wasn't so bad.. A few people fell on their first emergency brake, rather slidy :D

    My advice to anyone doing it is take it REALLY easy, ride WELL under your threshold and unless you take it at 10km an hour you will pass...
  9. :woot:

    Congratulations Freeform, well done!!!

    You weren't having to look at those Laughing plates so don't know what ya could've been embarrased about ... :cheeky: ... I was kind of hoping they'd exchange my L's for a little "WTF" plate that would pop up on top of my helmet whenever I encountered an ... ahem ... interesting moment.
  10. Congratulations - and you have good taste in bikes. I love the new Honda cb1100.