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Off season Ride days??? Dangerous??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mini_chew90, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys finally got my full suit and wanting to get down to phillip island to do my first ride day. But the next ride day is in May.

    So what are the problems with cold ride days?? Will i have worry about cold tires?? I really don't want to crash my bike:(

  2. The only problem with PI in that part of the year is potential for wind, rain and cold.

    I used to do enough track days that I'd never bother with the cooler months, but if you're pumped and want to go, still go. Remember though that PI is stuck out in the wind and does get cold. Look for Skins or other under garments that can keep you warm. Riding cold is crap and remember that there is nowhere really to go and warm up in between sessions.

    The other issue is that when the ambient temperature is low, if it does rain it tends to hang around, even if it only rains in the morning. But it will dry out, just not as quick as a summer or spring shower.

    Your bike and tyres will be fine. Remember that you need the correct pressures for the day, the track and your own speed. Don't randomly just drop the pressures, there is a pressure that will allow them to get to the correct temperature quickly. Too low and too high can have negative consequences with grip and tyre life, so ask someone who knows, but if they just reel off '30psi' without asking you any questions, they're talking shit.

    Resist the urge to eat stodge at lunch, especially if it's a cool day. Comfort food is great for making you sleepy.

    So, aside from the standard things you'd do for a normal ride in coolish weather, nothing special or extra needs to be done. Have fun!
  3. Take the first lap or two really easy so your tyres can warm up otherwise you may eat concrete.

    Secondly, keep your fluids up all day even if you do not feel thirsty!
  4. skins are releasing full on thermals (still compression) this winter.
  5. cheers guys most likely going on the honda ride day (with my suzuki oops) on the 7th of may. give a shout out if anyone else is going then.
  6. Icebreaker makes pure merino wool baselayer thermalwear. It's really warm, compact (more so than synthetic material) and doesn't stink up like synthetics.


    I'll be getting a whole lot of gear this year to add to my existing items. It's still going strong and I wore it all day, every day, and sometimes on the coldest nights. Awesome!