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Off Road Hybrid Style Bike With Pillion?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jfiddy, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering is there an offroad style bike out there that takes a pillion and is LAMs?

  2. Mine does, and is. Suzuki DR650SE.

  3. Not sure what you've already looked at, but this is where I would start:

    Kawasaki KLR650. Guys load em up with a fair bit of luggage, so they might be able to handle a pillion with a spring upgrade. Probably not that comfortable for long trips.

    If you've got more cash - BMW650GS : ABS, BMW dirt cred (subject to opinion :) ), looks on paper like a good off road tourer . Long trips two up as above I'd guess.

    I don't think it's LAMS approved but it should be - the Suzuki 650 V-strom has had some good reports about it's dirt road ability and touring with a pillion... not suitable for hard core offroad, but with a pillion you're going to be sitting down, so serious off road is out anyway. Suzi's DR650 is LAMS approved and more dirt oriented. (edit: Stivor beat me to the post)

    Could pay to have a search on ADVRider forum, they might have covered this somewhere (in the Australian region section).

    Of course, you could just buy two older XR4/600's for about the same money and then you could really get into some tough places..... ;)
  4. thanks guys. I noticed the two bikes have small tanks compared to road bikes. How far do you get on a 650cc bike with 13L on the road?


    Also, anyone have experience with the Honda Xr400m? I noticed its a bit pricey compared to the 650cc substitutes
  5. I get about 19kms per litre, so at a push you'd get close to 250 kms on the DR650's 13 litre tank.

  6. I'd say the new Yamaha Tenere...


    Range is around 400k's, solid engine that's been around for a while and looks... bloody beautiful. From what I've read and the look I've had at one it's very crashable too - the way the shifter is mounted and little things like that is pretty neat.

    But I don't get it... if you're after a LAMS bike, isn't the pillioning thing a bit moot?
  7. Aprilia Pegaso
  8. All bikes are designed to take a pillion, pretty much.

    Just get an old XT600 or something.
  9. errr, not really... my XR4 didn't have pillion pegs. And I wouldn't say all the others are designed to take a pillion, more like they tack some pillion pegs on as an afterthought. Any sort of distance on the back of most dual sports would be literally painful.

    As I said earlier, once you've got a pillion on you can't stand up (unless you really don't like your passenger :LOL: ) so you are restricted to more modest tracks. That should be taken into consideration when choosing a bike - if in reality you are just going to be on formed dirt roads two up, you don't need the long suspension travel of some of the dual sport bikes.

    As quarterwit said, LAMS and pillion ability is a moot point isn't it? Once you're on a full licence you can look at bikes like the Vstrom, TDM, bigger BMW's if you want to do lots of 2up riding off road.
  10. Yeah I guess it is. I just figure it would come in handy one day and don't like the idea of having to change bikes when I get off my restrictions.

    Anyone have the Honda XR400M?
  11. kle500 aswell
  12. Honda Transalp (the previous - 650 - model).
  13. 400's are a little gutless if you plan on doing much pillioning. I spent 2 250km days on the back of a 400 sitting on the tool bag and Its like sitting on jaws face.

    Go the KLR or DR650. both awesome bikes. the kl has a 22l tank from memory. and you cna buy so many aftermarket tanks for the dr its not funny. 32l will set you back about 5-600AUD
  14. The BMW F650GS (800cc twin) isn't LAMS approved, however the G650GS (650cc single) is.

    I love the F650GS but no good going on about that coz it doesn't meet his criteria.

    I've had the G650GS out and about for a thorough test ride and hated it!

    For what you're after I think look at the DR, KLR etc.
  15. Not the M, but I had an XR400 '00 model (almost cried as it rolled out the driveway on the back of another bloke's ute a couple of years ago - loved that bike) and the M looks like the same bike (it's STILL air cooled!) with a motard kit. Which IMHO ruins the one great thing about the XR4 - it's a great dirt bike for just tooling around the scrub. Not enough power to be a good motard bike, yet road tyres so it can't go offroad like it should. Would be great for popping wheelies everywhere though :)

    I bought a TDM900 cos I wanted to do some dirt roads and two up rides, the XR4 would never have coped with a passenger for highway miles - it was uncomfortable on my own. Road biased gearing might help, but it really needed more grunt.... and a bigger tank.... and less vibration... and a fairing.... and a decent headlight.....

    If you're careful you could change the bike over with minimal cost after you get your full licence, then buy something that really suits what you want to do.
  16. Stock tank on the DR650 gives me about 200 km mixed highway and city traffic. Any more than that and you're into serious "Oh s*&t, hope I find some petrol soon" territory.

    Pillion accomodation is a bit squeezy. TBH, it's more use for letting the pilot shift around on long trips than for carrying a passenger of any size.
  17. I suspect cypher was referring to the pre-2007ish F650GS, which had a 650cc single engine built by Rotax and was indeed LAMS. :)
  18. yep realise this and should've been more specific. Very different bikes too the F650GS 650cc singles and F650GS 800cc bikes...

    For LAMS approved dual purpose I'd still recommend the likes of the DR or KL bikes
  19. You can fit an IMS or Safari long range tank to the DR650SE for under $500.

    The safari is huge... 32 litres! Personally I prefer the IMS but if you need BIG range the safari is the go.

    Fit a bash plate (B&B, Whipps etc) to the DR and you'll go places a KLR or a G650GS will struggle at easily.