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Off road helmets for road use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bullet21, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. is this legal? and also would you guys advise it?

  2. If it has the AS1698 certification sticker or sewn-in tag then it's quite legal and will be at least as safe as a similarly certified road helmet.

    No sticker or tag then it's not legal (which doesn't say anything about the safety though).
  3. Like he said, should be fine.

    I've seen some dirt helmets that have gone through pretty spectacular off's and they're hunky dory. Just don't ride above 120 with a peak unless you like your neck readjusted.
  4. Could I interest Sir in a can of harden the fcuk up? :p

    I see 170+ regularly with my dirt helmet with no issues. Same goes with the rally guys who will sit on those speeds all day. I did have an incident once where the rear peak mount was loose and then broke and the peak flipped up vertical forming the perfect wind brake. But I just check my peak each ride now.

    Anyway, crashing, just as good. Weight, very good. Sun out of your eyes. No dust gets in your eyes like it can with a road helmet.

    Downsides, noise and weather. Rain hitting your nose at 100+ speeds hurts like hell.
  5. I had something similar happen with a flip-up fishbowl on an open-face the first time I did a head check at serious (ie 140+) speed :shock: . Ow.

    I agree that rain's pretty bad, but hail is bloody lethal and snow has the interesting effect of feeling like someone's sticking little red hot needles in your face :( .
  6. I'll take two!