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Off restrictions today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rybky, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Having completed a faultless (in terms of road offenses anyway!) year on the bike I visited the RTA today and got my new full license! :)

    It felt good to rip this off the bike and do this to it ...


  2. Well done. So what will be your new bike then?
  3. :applause: congrats
  4. Not sure yet, need to go on some test rides and see what deals there are to be had. The used market for the bikes I am looking at seems to have dried up at the moment. The Versys is the strong contender at the moment but need to try some others including other styles to be sure.

    Should be fun shopping anyway! :)
  5. I only have to wait till December before my restrictions are up. Versys is on my list too, along with the 09 ER-6F and Triumph ST 1050

    Going from my KLE to the GSXF was interesting, power on command. Would I buy a KLE again, yes, as it was a decent bike on the dirt tracks around Canberra and a great bike to learn on.
  6. now is the best time to buy..
  7. your 37, mature rider, why the P plates?
  8. Congrats Adam! Ripping the p plate off finally is a great feeling :)
  9. There is another component to the mature rider scheme - must have held a full Australian license for 5 years - didn't qualify under that even though I have held a full UK license for 18 years with no penalties. :mad:

  10. Thanks! Certainly is a good feeling.

  11. how long u been in oz for?
  12. Almost 6 years now but was temp resident for the first 4 and was driving on my UK license, didn't even know I could have got a NSW one at that time until I did get it when I became perm resident. Oh well, irrelevant now!

  13. least u survived the heat, most poms go home, cant handle it
  14. Whys that? Prices/demand drop over Winter?
  15. That's the theory although as most people know this they also don't bother to try selling at this time of year, so the market is drying up a little I've noticed.

  16. End of financial year, and people are too soft for the cold seem to be contributing factors.