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off restrictions on 29/06 what should i get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wings9000, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hi

    Am riding a scooter Le Grande atm..wana upgrade to a bike..
    off restrictions end of this mth, dun wana spend too much on a bike and probably moving interstate for further studies so looking at selling it after 6-8mths.. what should i get??

    the VTR250 is abit more $$, out of budget.. cheapest Spada 3k (also above budget.. anything around 2k would b ideal for me as I use it for occasiional weekends..

    the Sachs??

    Any suggestions plz?
  2. oh my size..
    160cm and 55kg..
  3. You won't get anything worth buying for 2 grand. Sorry, but it's the bottom of the barrel.

    Save up till you have around 4 (yes, I know that could take ages) and you'll be in a better range of the market to get something worth buying.
  4. Exactly what he said.

    2k will get you a bit of a dunger, and if you're going to be selling it soon not really worth spending the $ on it to fix it up to a pleasant level. A spada is a remote possibility, but idiots still seem to think a 2 year old import is worth more than 2k.

    Depends what you're going to do with it.. I hestitate in suggesting it but a cbr125r with bugger all kms could be had for 2.5-3k depending on condition. Not so bad as you're light, but dont expect to be able to cruise comfortable at more than 90 look elsewhere.

    4000 is a more realistic amount to spend, can get a decent vtr or gpx, vtr, whatever and wont lose much if any when you sell it (if you maintain it).
  5. I only paid $2000 a year ago for my 89 fzr 250 (pretty sure i got a good deal) it had $1800 spent on it a yr before i got it and it had only done about 1000 ks since the rebuild (ive got the mechanics invoice). its not to much to look at, a few scratches and some faded paintwork but mechanically it was pretty good. its my first bike and thats what i wanted. im 6ft and i think its a bit small but i still have fun on it and now that im used to it im hangin out for a bigger bike but not sure which one, gixxer or yamaha.
  6. well seems as you are off restrictions soon, surely there must be old zed/cb/fz 500/600/750 etc floating around for about the 2k mark??? A friend picke dup a vf750 last year i think it was around 2.5k.... i reckon there must be helps out there, not all pretty but will get you on 2 wheels for the price you want to pay :)
  7. oh just searched bikesales, and yes a cb750 and a vf750f for 2k and looks like comes with rego :)
  8. The Sachs, although fun, probably fit more in the the performance envelope of smaller (<200cc) scooters than traditional road bikes. It will be fine of inner city stuff out of it's depth elsewhere.

    The larger/older bikes under $2000 are more likely to be a handful if you are light/short and not confident on a road bike.

    Why not spend more and take the bike with you when you go interstate?, routine/service items can add up quick on a cheap bike ....ie chains, sprockets, tyres rego
  9. hi guys..
    tx for all d good responses.. diff. perspectives.. just wot i need...

    hey stewy.. u dun think an old 750 wud b too much power n weight for me to handle???
    i've only been riding scooter since i started.. m goin for a pre-learner on d bike tomoro.. >_<"
  10. the sachs, in SA at least, has had their distributor/importer changed about 4 times. I know some people who've been having a fcuking nightmare just trying to get a rear view mirror replaced etc.
  11. hmm the sachs is tat bad huh...

    anyone's hobbiese out ther is to find a bargain reliable bike???
    i'd appreciate ur expertise... ;)

  12. Stay the f@%k away from them! Ive heard horror stories. What can you expect when you buy a brand new bike for only $2500. With that money, I'd rather but a 10yr old Honda. It will still be more reliable than a new Sachs.
  13. Too much power? Probably not.
    Too much weight? Quite possibly - they are not light by any standards and if you're only used to scooters, they will feel a lot more top-heavy.
    Then again, if you drop a 2k, 15+ year old bike... so what? Chances are, it's been there before :)
  14. Nothing under 2k? Wankers.

    Mattb on the forums here bought a GR650 for $1500 that he rides all over the state with.

    I bought a DR250 for $1000.00 with three months rego a fair while ago, sold it for $1200.00. Just changed hands for the same amount.

    A bloke at work just bought a Spada for $1700.00

    Another mate of mine just bought a CBX250 for $1300.00

    It's much harder to buy something that's looks gay and new. You might want 4k for that.
  15. Some pretty old bikes you've mentioned there......(while also calling everyone wankers :roll: )

    Those bikes are fine if you are handy with a spanner and can accurately assess the condition of the bikes at purchase, if not and you wheel them off to a mechanic costs may rack up quickly....

    I think the under 2k thang is more about the false economy of saving money at point of purchase to only spend the difference in running costs and maintenance within a relatively short amount of time......(while still stuck riding an old worthless nugget of a thing)

    Spending more is no guarantee, but at least opens up alternatives to ancient bikes, whose primary value is determined by how many months of rego is left on them :)
  16. Hi all

    I jz got back fr d city.. missed out Rayquincey, sumoto and spoton's openng hrs.. but stopped by at peterstevens n try to sat on a few bikes..
    i kinda like the honda cbr250R's fireblade height and weight.. feels light n jz d rite size for my 160 female frame.. hehee. tried d gpx250 its abit heavy on d front.. tried d kawa09 250 but its too new.. n cant afford it..
    i haf yet to try d suz gsx500.. not in store.. seems i hafta go agn next sat.. any1 free to come along??

    racing turt: ur quite rite.. they r quite heavy for my build.. isnt there a gud power n lightweight model??

    quaterwit: wow.. gud to hear so many mates got gud bargains.. can u tel me when u see another gud bargain out there???

    d2: ur quite rite abt the false economy.. for those who r more bike savvy than i am, surely can DIY fix it.. else sm1 like me who jz wana ride for fun.. and haf no one to turn to for d DIY or inspections.. seems smarter to pay abit more fr a dealer?

    cant win it all can we..
    *praying to find the one*
    tx guys.. keep it coming..
    m happy to read ur comments while i keep luking..
  17. Frankly, I think you should just keep riding your Le Grande for now. It's a perfectly capable scooter that will get you around effectively while you're saving up for something newer and better.

    Between your small budget, your small statue and your dislike of DIY, you really don't have many good options...
  18. don't go to sumoto ;)
  19. dis txt speak is not gud.
  20. Hey guys..

    there's a 2004 vtr250 @79k kms asking for $3k. No Rego. din mention RWC either. Any thoughts abt the mileage or a no-brainer?