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Off my restrictions , now the REAL learning begins!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kitt, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Bruce went and bought a 2010 MV Augusta F4 ( pic at the bottom )

    Soooooooooooooo then he went an lowered the Gixxer ( changed the muffler *just in case*8-[)
    and has given me the honor of learning to ride her :D:twisted: ,
    so bring on some fine good weather and a new learning curve in riding will begin for me :)


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  2. Can't wait to see you both on your machines....
  3. Congrats Kitt. Will see you out there I am sure.
  4. Good luck Kitt! sweet bikes :)
  5. Vmax, F4, gsxr, you guys certainly aren't hard done by. ;) enjoy.
  6. LOL , not forgeting the 21 yr old kwaka gpz900 and my bike the gs500:-s
  7. And thanx guys for the vote of confidence :)

    She is a sweet bike , actually the only one I truely trust , saying that I've only been her pillion , not her rider , she might just still throw me off !! lol
  8. See you Sat??
  9. If i can ger her out the driveway and out into the rd i dislike , then maybe , just maybe we will be there , baby steps first me thinks , treat her like little V .. lol
  10. Awesome, Kitt !!! Welcome to the Gixxer Gang (y) Enjoy the new beast !
  11. ..You lucky duck!!....happy and safe riding!!.. :woot:
  12. Congrats Kitt on sliding down from the back seat to the front!! :)
  13. oooh nice :D congrats on the new steed between your legs!
  14. i know the thread is meant to be about the suzi, but more pics of the mv please!
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  16. Bet the brakes and suspension make it feel a lot safer huh. When I got off my GS500 I couldn't believe the difference.
  17. Nice progression, well done Kitt.

    Also nice to see the gixxer staying the the netrider ownership too.

    Bruce... VERY nice choice mate. More pics please and not on FB as being in Shanghai I cant view that s*it!
  18. those with foxtel and the turbo max channels...

    Twist the Throttle is featuring MV Augusta right now at 9:30.
    Repeated again in two hours on turbo max2.
    Yes it's been on many times but always watch this show featuring a brief history of all the major motorcycle companies.
  19. Out on my first real ride on the gixxer today with B on the MV , 300 kms of straights , twisties and sweepers ,
    now I truely understand why sports bikes are so appealing :D:D

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