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Off my restrictions but not ready for a litre bike......yet!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Matt250R, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey, So I'm off my restrictions and I've been looking at upgrading my bike. I currently ride a Hyosung GT250R, I have loved it but now i feel my skills need to progress and I'm ever so keen on a 600cc! Ive been around town sitting on a few bikes and doing my research and its come down to the CBR600RR and the GSXR600, does anyone have any pos/neg experiences with them or any thoughts about the 2 bikes, thanks heaps!

  2. Matt600RR, hmmm has a ring to it! From what I have been told the honda is probably a more friendly bike than the GSXR but from what I have read they say pick the colour you like best they are both ace bikes.

    I have heard the Honda has longer service intervals? :?
  3. That's the best advice. You're the one that's going to have to live with the decision.

    What year models are you looking at of each?

    I prefer the gixxers (have ridden K4/5 and K6) over the 600rr (haven't ridden the 07 yet, 04 sucks hard), but it all comes down to personal preferance and what sort of riding you do.
  4. from what my mechanic tells me, hondas and yamahas are cheaper to maintain.
    the gixxers are nice bikes, plenty of brakes, power if you rev. i found the handeling a bit abrupt and a little unsettled in the bumps midcorners, could have been the suspension set up but. havnt ridden an RR. they'll both taste like mothers milk after the hyo. in terms of power and handeling, its a bees dick.
    good luck


    dont forgot to look at the twins!!
  5. if your going to look at race replica 600's definately have a go at the 1000cc vtwins, round about the same hp figures as the 600's with buckets more torque, which IMHO makes them easier to ride as your not revving the nuts off of them
  6. Just get the gsxr750. :grin:

    Not much more than the 600Gsxr and not much more than the 600rr.
    But yea. your decision. When you buy a new bike it will look good no matter what.
  7. make sure you check out the insurance price for the bikes also. was looking at insure my ride and it seems that a 749 ducati is cheaper to insurer than the gsxr 750. its a tough decision. i test rode a gsxr 750 yesterday and was prepaired to buy it but the insurance is alot. might have to get a different bike now.
  8. Cheaper to insure a Ducati because it's usually being fixed and not being ridden. :p
  9. If you want a litre bike mid-range, which really is predominantly what makes litre bikes so easy to ride around on the road, but a 600cc's top-end, which is less likely to unhook the tyre coming out of a corner, then I seriously suggest taking a Triumph Daytona 675 for a test ride.
  10. go check out the GSXR750 or ZX636R ..