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Off my Ps'! Bike recommendation

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jz714, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Hi, I just got my full license for about couple of months now, wasn't really looking for a bigger bike before but I think its time to upgrade.

    Currently riding a ninja 300, since 2012 when I got it new. It's a nice ride for commuting. It's a 40 kms journey back and forth, no problem keep up with the traffic and nimble enough to filter in heavy traffic. The daily commute consists 50/50, city/highway riding. Looking to do some track days in the future.

    But then the BMW S1000R came out and caught my eyes! Read few reviews and all suggest this could be a bad idea for commuting (big litre bike, wide handler bar etc). It's just so damn nice! Does any of you guys commute in a S1000R?

    Any suggestion/advise would be much appreciate, I'm a newbie!

  2. What's your budget?
  3. 18-20k?
  4. The 1000r is meant to be an awesome bike. I don't know that the bars are really that wide. Go and take a demo one for a ride. For street use that and the z1000 are 2 of the best IMHO. So much low down torque and so easy to ride. U havnt got to rev them to get going, unlike most of the 1000 ss bikes.
  5. Have you considered the BMW S1000R? Best of both worlds between the S1000RR and the Z1000, currently going for approx $19K.
  6. ?????
  7. The naked version of the BMW
  8. Yes , I was being cheeky. Re-read the OP ;)
  9. S1000R is not $19k, more like $22k for the basic model and $23k for the sporty one, ride away.

    It you are going for S1000R, get the sporty one, the extras are well worth the grand.
  10. Will check it out next week, hopefully a test ride. Might need to save up a but more! Or a second hand S1000RR.
  11. Do u even read?
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  12. I've never heard a bad thing about the S1000R, I would love one.
  13. Yeah & sometimes I read R as RR after a few gins

    Please accept my humble apologies for trying to help, it won't happen again.
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  14. I test rode one, and it ticks all the boxes except I don't have a spare 23k laying around.

    Actually if I have to pick one thing, I really dislike the cat, it's so huge and screams for a full system.
  15. No need to apologize for honest mistake. And I appreciate all the positive inputs.

    Yeh, its an expensive bike. Could of get a second Ducati 1199 for that price. I hate the cat too, but a full Akrapovic exhaust will fix that!
  16. I think it will be a disgrace to the bike if it will take on full time commuting duty. I mean some commuting is fine, but not 5 days a week.

    You mentioned 40 kay round trip, that means 10,000 kay a year wasted on boring traffic and highway. Not worth it man.
  17. If you are thinking track days remember you are riding without insurance on those, so a $22k bike might not be best.

    Sur you might not crash,' sure if you crash you might not totally destroy it, but something to consider, esoecially if its your ride to work on monday.
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  18. May be better to keep the ninja for commuting and get a pre-owned liter bike just to get used to the power and for the weekends.
  19. S1000R has got cruise control.
  20. Yeh bmw got all those tech gadgets! And im a bit of geek myself ;p
    I would consider second hand but the s1000r is still new, altho there are some nice sec hand s1000rr around.

    I might even try out the street triple when i got time. Litre bike for commute is definitely a waste haha.

    Thanks guys.