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Off My 'l's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Amazone, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Passed my license test today! Pretty happy but it seems that the more riding I do, the more I understand that there is sooo much more to learn. I think it's called conscious incompetence..

  2. Congratulations, knowing you have lots to learn will keep you alive. The day you stop learning is the day you fail.
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  3. Congrats chicka (y) can't wait to get off mine...
  4. Congrats :) it's a great feeling getting rid of that yellow square
  5. Congrats !
    It is an enjoyable continuous learning experience
  6. Thanks guys, yes definitely still a learner - just minus that big yellow Loser plate.. I'm completely entranced - riding to work as often as i can and only mildly self conscious about having helmet hair for the rest of the day. My boss can't fathom why I ride and leave the company car at home. Riding home after a board meeting on monday just on dark - grinning from ear to ear at the sound of splatting bugs on visor.
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  7. Congrats Amazone - it's a good feeling.

    Hope we can catch up soon...
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  8. Loser Plate? I'm proud to wear it because I know 95% of the population doesn't have the guts to get on a bike and ride.

    So what does a P plate symbolise I wonder...

    anyway, irregardless - have fun going 90 (y)
  9. Congrats! Without the L people around you will act less stupid :)
  10. Good point SMA. To be honest, it's only vanity that made the L plate a tad embarrassing. At my current skill level P could stand for Potentially makes a dick of herself on every ride. Previously, L stood for Likely to make a.... I don't have to stick to 90kph here in Vic although I'll be on restrictions for another 12 months. No grog, no drugs, no pillion. No problem with that.
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  11. Thanks Nina. I've found that the P platers are the most likely to tailgate or stir. At the same time, I found that many drivers respected the L and cut me some slack at times. For example, first to the lights; green light - stall... Swear, turn to indicate apology to waiting driver and see a 'no worries love' signal.
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  12. Congratulations and well done. It's only 2-3 weeks since I got rid of my L plate. A good feeling for sure.
  13. In NSW it used to be that you went to P with some trepidation, because you could so easily lose your license after it being nigh on impossible as a Learner. But they fixed that. Still, it was one step closer to a full ticket.
  14. Congratulations.

    "Loser plate" is only a tongue in cheek term - nothing to be embarrassed about having a L plate on the back. Anyone younger than about 100 would have had one at some stage or another. Of course, losing it is an achievement to look forward to, then we all just get on with it and keep learning. :)
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