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off LAMS....hello blackbird

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BruiserMadden, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. after a very lengthy absence from the halls of netrider I've decided to pop back on for old times sake. Since I signed off I bought a 97 XVS650 in Feb last year (with loud pipes) and had a ball on it for 12 months. Great bike, sexy look and loved the sound of the twin.

    BUT, after getting off P's in Feb this year I thought it might be time to try something different...have tried the cruiser lifestyle...how about something more sporty. And bearing in mind the many warnings that I remember being posted on Netrider about going from low powered bikes straight up to 1000's, 1100's etc. I went out at bought...an 03 honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird!

    Yes, I hear what some of you're saying, you're an idiot, you should have gone with a 600 or 750 or something first and stepped your way up. And that may be. But the Blackbird is the bike I've wanted since I was....well....8, and with the money in the bank I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

    My experience on going from a LAMS powered cruiser to a manic superbike? AWESOME. The blackbird is more comfortable than I thought, and at 6'5 that is not an easy thing for a sporty bike to do. Power is outrageous, as is size, but once you grab onto the handlebars that all just melts away. Everytime I ride it a big grin insists on speading over my now goofy looking face. Still getting the hang of throwing it in the corners (COG is much higher than a cruiser), and keeping the speedo below....well.....the speedlimit. It is a great machine.

    The only thing that annoys me slightly? That Hayabusa is japanese for peregrine falcon - a bird well known for eating blackbirds....

    I'll get some pics up shortly

    Anyone else go from a low powered bike to something like this? What was your experience?
  2. also, now have a great 97 xvs650 with sweet pipes on it in the garage....will be up on the for sale page shortly
  3. Enjoy it Mate,
    Incredibly fast, From go to what ever,
    keep it in a dead straight line when stopping, its top heavy and will throw you off it sideways, near impossible to hold it up, usually when parking it, hahahahaha
    Has two problems, CCT about the 30,000 Klm mark, sounds like a can of marbles around the 3500 rpm mark
    Losing your licence, is the second one,
    Awesome machine,
    The Busa is 20 klms Per hour faster in top gear than the Bird. Big deal. Its only bragging rights, Hahahahahaha
  4. GSXR1300's are owned by leb wankers anyway. Blackbird's stupidly quick and from what I understand, very good at a number of things. I don't mind 'em. What colour's yours?

    If it's any consolation, isn't the blackbird named after the aircraft? Hard for a falcon to eat that.
  5. good to see you moved onto a good calibre. As no doubt you will find it quite amusing that there is no issue in moving up bike size like so many claim.

    p.s. For the record not sure about the barney between the blackbird and Hyabusa? The zx-14 is still the king of horsepower and craziness.
  6. They are a fantastic "everything" kind of bike, you can commute, tour and go scratching on your favourite roads... massive mumbo, good brakes and resonable suspension the only thing I found with mine was that in really tight stuff it was hard work, however it does everything else so well you can overlook that
  7. Blackbird, lovely bike. My missus was talking to the sales guy about one for two up touring, she thought it was pretty nice until he mentioned how quick it was! Still on my top 5 list for new bike this year.
  8. Because of its long wheel base, It is a bit slower than other bikes through really tight corners, Hair pins,, Etc, But it is extremely comfortable on longer trips,
    Once your moving, its an extremly good bike to ride, Thats when the extra weight of the Bird comes in to its own. It dont bounce, weave, jump or float on the road, Its very positive in its handling.
    Was my first bike after being off them for 12 years, I have currently done 33.000 Klms on it since June 2008 and I only ride it for fun, I dont commute on it.
    42 42 PSI and put a 6 mm shim on top of the rear shock, Makes turn in much better.
    I run 42 PSI and the shim.
    The last two are recommended by about 7000 Bird riders world wide, on various Bird specific sites.
  9. I do like the Blackbird. IMHO, timeless aesthetics (aside from the oldskool low mufflers).

    Congrats on the bike. And yes, I don't think it was any coincidence at all that Suzuki chose the name 'Hayabusa' for their own hyper-sports-tourer after Honda's boastful claims re: the Blackbird.
  10. Bike named after the plane named after the bird.
  11. Who swallowed the fly.
  12. ...and indeed... the SR71 Blackbird (aircraft) at that ! Enjoy mate !
  13. Would of felt awesome comming off LAMS. An entire world of bikes opened up for you.

    Always love the larger Hyperbikes
  14. I've just gotten my full licence and currently have a deposit down on an 09 CBR1000RR, just need the final word from the bank. This'll be a big step up from a restricted Hyo 650. :eek:hno:

    I test rode a GSXR750, S1000RR and the Blade and Blade won out. I'm used to low down torque coming from a v-twin and the Blade had a lot more of that down low than the other two so felt a bit more familiar.

    As far as the jump in capacity, a bikes a bike as far as I'm concerned, it's all about the head that is piloting it. So I'm in the same boat.

    Just for the record, 38yo male, so I have my head square on my shoulders. I like my no-claim bonus and skin just the way they are :D

  15. Modern big capacity bikes are really pussycats if you ride them accordingly.

    Until you redline it in 2nd gear. The saying "hanging on for dear life" starts to make a lot of sense.
  16. This is a common topic that comes up on here. Respect the throttle and the bike will respect you. I hopped off a ZZR250 on to a brand new 05 ZX12R and never had an issue.

    Just remember though its a big bike and it will hurt you if you don't take care.

    Enjoy the new machine.
  17. You'll have bundles of fun on the bird.....I know I do.
    But like others have said here, you must respect the throttle and the bike and she will look after you too.

    I'm only small but after 12months with my BB I am finally learning to ride her properly. I found in the tight stuff she was a handfull to muscle through the twisties however moving my weight around and working out the best way for me I'm getting through a lot better than I used to.

    And, you will love those long road trips...tell the wife not to worry once she gets on the back and you're away she'll love it.

    If you can try and catch up woth Brian (deaman) from here. He can put in touch with a few fella BB riders down in Vic.

    Anyhoos, enjoy!!