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Off lams but never had a proper bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Millzy555, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. As the title suggests i'm on the hunt for my first road bike. now ive been mucking around with Honda z50's/ Motovert 125 for the past few years on the road, but never had any real world experience on a road bike. Ridden a heap of dirt bikes for 10 plus years and would consider myself as very confident (aced my L's). So should i consider a lams bike or just head to the mid size cc bikes? FZ6, SV650 and Aprilia shiver/dorsoduro are on my shortlist. Any advice appreciated.

    cheers Jordan

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    Mate - it's too dangerous. I suggest you get a LAMS bike and also wear high vis all over again for that added bit of safety. ;-)

    (read below for a serious post from me - just had to have a joke)
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  3. It depends on what you want a bike for. A good commuter may well also be LAMS approved.
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  4. OK - being serious... There are lots of factors in place, but the main one (from my perspective) comes down to your personality, and self discipline. The reason they have LAMS bikes isn't because a bigger bike will accelerate faster - but because it can.

    It's all up to the rider, and how disciplined they are - to ride within their means. (The first road bike I rode was a R1 when my mate threw me the keys to say 'have a ride'. It didn't kill me. But I treated it like it could, and rode it very cautiously because I knew I lacked experience).

    For what it's worth - I was in the same position as you, and I went with a mid sized bike. I've got a few grey hairs (more than I care to admit), so I'm not a young buck, and I know that I'm able to say no to myself and behave. I also know I'm more conservative than most. I figured I could take that to the bike with me, so I decided that I didn't want to spend money twice, and lose on the selling / depreciation, govt stamp duty, etc - so went straight for the larger bike.

    The bike hasn't tried to kill me. (Many drivers have though ;) ) - As my mates have left me in their wake through the twisties, i have been able to say 'No - I'll go at my own pace' and stay with that, as opposed to giving into the small voice that says "Keep up with them you mug" ;)

    I don't kid myself - There are additional risks (or opportunities :) ) involved having a larger bike, but I know that the bike is completely in my control. The bike isn't going to buck like a stag unless I give it input to do so. You can ride a big bike conservatively - if you have the self discipline.

    if you find yourself getting into trouble, or doing things after promising yourself that you wouldn't - it might not hurt to start small. However if you're good at avoiding temptation and can restrict yourself to how you ride until you get more familiar with the bike and gain some more experience - personally I didn't have an issue doing what I did. I'm down the track a few years now, and haven't had an accident yet.
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  5. Get the bike that you would see yourself using in 5 years time. There are a lot of the LAM bikes that are available that I would be happy with for the long term and they are fast enough and have the power to push into a big wind. You will find that it doesn't take long to get use to a big bike.
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  6. I's say go for a mid range 600 or so bike or even a 1000 if your confident. As Aj said, the bigger bikes are fine if you treat them right. I went from a 250 to a R1 after riding the 250 for 3 and a half years while being on LAMs. The bigger bikes aren't as brutal as people make them out to be as long as you are reasonably sensible.
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  7. SV650s. That is all..
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  8. Beauty!, thanks for the responses. I definitely don't want to waste 3-4k on a shitty 250 that i'll get bored of in no time, but at the same token don't/ cant see myself riding a 1000cc sports bike. I would say i'm defiantly on the conservative side (although wouldn't mind a motard), have all my safety gear/ dont go home without it. But it's not me and more of "them" who are going to get me into trouble. I'm all for a few advanced riding courses in due course.
  9. CB400 is an excellent LAMS bike in my opinion. However i did have a crack of my mates 250RR the other day and was quite surprised at how similar the power delivery was
  10. Maybe efi cbr600 f4i ?
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  11. I have looked at both of the above. After reading countless threads on what bike to get, i just need to test ride/ sit on as many as i can
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  12. That's right mate but don't be afraid of a 1000cc bike either. It's only as fast as u twist the throttle. IMHO a 1000cc bike is easier to ride than a 600cc bike is. More torque, less changing gears and less flat spots. U might not believe me but one day u will understand what I am saying
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  13. Exactly this, I was set on a R6 until I rode the R1, was so much easier and could barely feel the weight difference. Defiantly try and test ride as many bikes as possible, I'm sure some bikes will surprise you with how good they are once you ride them.
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  14. From your riding background it sounds like you might be more at home on a naked rather than a super sport.

    • SV650
    • FZ1N don't bother with the FZ8N
    • Z750, Z1000 don't bother with the Z800
    • Shiver
    • Dorso
    • Monster 796
    What's the budget?
    Are you LAMS restricted or not?
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  15. Budget around 7k. Less preferable. Funny you mentioned the above bikes. I have all these saved in bikesales/ gumtree from various sellers. You would be correct in saying naked over super sport. Not Lams restricted hence the thread.
  16. SV650 non LAMS is the ticket I think.
  17. Yeah my bad. Just noticed that.
    I'm a bit slow.
  18. Maybe you need to get a bigger bike then. ;)
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  19. If I had $7k I would look out for a custom 1000cc streetfighter. Or buy a gsxr1000 and put some risers and dirt bike bars on it. (I do currently own such a bike as well)
  20. Not a bad thought....might google this. 7k seems to get you a lot of bike in the 600-1000cc market, yet bugger all in the lams market