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Off kinglake cliff, not fun.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by natta, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Gday all.
    Just thought i would post up a bit about my spill on kinglake. Reason for the hazardous report.

    Was going for a good old monday squirt. Decided to take chum and kinglake way home.
    Was going down kinglake, BIG LOG near the top of the mountain. Nearly lost it. Kept going extra slow.
    5 corners later. Around a left hander was on a nice wide line, car 1/2 in my lane. Adjust my line into gravel that covered 8/10 of the lane( only parts not having gravel were two small tyre track).
    Hit the gravel and u know what happened next. LOW SIDE.:twisted: :twisted:
    Across the road with ankle stuck under bike, hit the roadside starting to go down the cliff, bike lets go and continues 20-30m down. took out a replector pole too.
    I ended up about 3m down the cliff, VERY VERY LUCK.

    So next thing i know i was up looking at my bike down the cliff. Telling u not a pretty sight. Climbed down. Not good. "how am i gonna get the bike out of here"
    To my luck many people stopped, some tried to call a tow truck. No luck.
    But for some coinidental reason, my mechanic was driving up. He stopped. Had a look. Said thats "S#$t, damn council hasn't cleaned up after the roadworks".
    Next think his mate comes by on a bike. He looks a says the same thing. He offers to get his 4wheel drive with a winch and a trailer to help me out. Yes please. :grin:
    So he come back and while my mechanic and i push the bike, he whinches us up. Was a fair effort, with lose dirt everywhere. And trailers it to my mechanics place in kinglake. And he will trailer it to mine tomorrow.
    Did all the Police paper work. off home i went.

    Ankle hurt a bit during the whole bike recovery procedure. But really started to hurt while wating for my ride home.
    Ended up going to the Austin, waiting 5hrs. Great people there. A++.
    To find that i have snapped off a chunk of my left foot fibia. So its in a cast and no work, no bike, no fun for 6weeks :( :( :( . and gotta track day booked in this weekend. Lucky i was wearing a full race suit, boots, back protector, or it would have been alot worse. Got a hole in my suit. Would have half a leg if i was in anything less. Another lesson.

    As for the bike it actually looks ok. Forks arnt bent, only think that i could see from the quick look was a broken foot peg and gear shifter,mirror and a bent subframe. Looks like its turning into a track bike. No more road riding,(well for now).

    All in all not a fun experience. I do not wish it on anyone.

    Just a reminder, be careful out there

  2. Yeah that's a biatch of a road. I went along it for the first time on saturday (noob), so many dodgy spots on there. Lucky people stopped!
  3. Shit thats REAL bad luck Natta. :evil: Oops.

    Thank God, people stopped, & of all people your mechanic. How freaky.

    Heal well dude. Its a setback, but you'll eventually get back on 2 wheels.
  4. :( Bit o bad luck there man :(

    On the upside you can hit the council for not cleaning up the road and they can fix/ replace your bike.

    Did the guy 1/2 in your lane stop at all?
  5. wow.... sounds like you were very lucky.... glad to hear you got away with only minor injuries.

    Hopefully you can get bike repairs all sorted quickly too

    cheers stewy
  6. The council should definitely be hit for this, there's far too much of this kind of sh!t going on with poorly finished roadworks.

    Scary story, but glad to see you came out ok (sort of). :)
  7. Natta, PM sent.
  8. happy to hear the damage is relatively minimal to both you and the bike. happy healing. c x
  9. Motherf*cker, what a spill! I think a lot of us have looked over the edge of the kinglake road and thought "what if..."

    Glad it turned out to be a very minor one for you and the bike. There's a tale to tell the grandkiddies.
  10. So glad to hear that despite the potential tragedy it was relatively minor. Whew! :wink:
  11. Glad to hear that you're relatively okay natta.

    Of all the roads around Melbourne, heading downhill from Kinglake to St Andrews would have to be both one of the most technically demanding roads, as well as one of the worst roads to come off on if you do go down.

    That, and yeah, there's often gravel on the insides of the corners. Leaving gravel there is almost tantamount to a death trap, especially if you've got oncoming cars limiting your options. Very lucky there were no cars following him causing a worse accident.

    Best wishes for a full and quick recovery. It'll go faster than you think.
  12. Glad your ok dude! you'll be fine :grin:

  13. Um, by the sounds of it, the gravel was much worse than usual...
  14. ooooh no, of all the roads, not the kinglake! sorry about your off natta, its good you had help fairly quickly. 6weeks isn't bad you'll be back on the saddle without you noticing it. now you have plenty of time to hit the playstation, xbox or what have you for some track day simulation. goodluck and take it easy dude.
  15. Not good to hear, and hope the healing goes well. pray.

    I would also be following up with the council, they have a duty of care and they have not fulfilled their obligations angry40.
  16. yeah scare the council with a lawsuite, maybe get a few grand out of court settlement enough to get ur bike bak on tha road.
  17. Good grief! :shock:

    Very glad to hear you're okay, that really isn't the place for an excursion. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and as Loz said this is definitely a tale to put in your memoirs!
  18. Natta, you are one unlucky lucky son of a gun. 30m!! :shock:

    +1 what Loz said.

    Matt232 might have some pointers on dealing with councils regarding gravelled corner stacks.

    Hope the injury heals quickly.

  19. Glad to hear you're ok Natta, when I first went up there with you I got a bit freaked out by those cliffs (and oncoming trucks!) - glad you had lady luck on your side (when she woke up) after the lay down, and that you and your bike are both repairable :) Take care mate, hope to see you soon and I'm sorry that you're missing your track day!
  20. PM sent

    PM sent. Sorry to hear. I agree the council should wear it.