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Off duty cops - what powers do they have?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by penno2, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Hey

    Just wondering the other day.. hypothetically if a motorcycle rider doing a high speed, let's say 180km/h, was to pass a car... Further, let's suppose the driver of said car was an off-duty police officer - what's the likely outcome of that? Does the off-duty cop have any authority to do anything about that situation?

    Thanks for any thoughts

  2. A ploice officer never loses his / her authority. They can (and in some cases are expected to) deal with situations "off duty".
    Now whether they would be bothered in the case you mentioned is another issue. But if they were really keen they could take your details and issue a ticket later.
  3. In NSW as Tramp said, and if they were able, they could arreest you for drive manner dangerous, drive speed dangerous and the rest of the burger with the lot....
  4. Cops are not security guards.

    A Cop is a cop 24/7

    Wearing a uniform is irrelevant & their powers do not change.

    I assumed that is common sense.. something everyone would
    know. How stupid of me :roll:

    TT, got ya email bud.. its OK. Doesnt worry me. I even posted my residential
    address once & mod removed it thinking I hadnt realised what I'd done
  5. While that is true they are 'on' all the time. All of the ones I have ever known don't want to know about the job when they're not on the clock.
  6. A freind was living with a YOUNG cop in Tamworth quite a while ago and he saw a couple of blokes having a race and took there rego numbers and sent them speeding tickets in the post,I dont know how hard the race was or what speed but thats what he told me.
  7. i had an incident where an off duty cop (couldn't have been more than a few weeks out of hus course, he was young...) pulled out in front of me from a side street, i swerved around him and he then pulled onto the wrong side of the road yelling at me to pull the car over , i drove to a local servo and made sure there was plenty of people around and rolled down the window..

    he went off about how if he was a highway patrol officer he would have booked me

    my response: a highway patrol officer wouldn't do something as stupid as pulling out of a side street without looking both ways

    he ranted for a bit then i said thankyou very much and left

    actually the only the 2nd not nice police officer i've met so far...

    realised later i should have asked for his badge number and rang the local and asked them to confirm who he was, didn't think necessary at the time...

    sorry to hijack...
  8. give the kid a break. he asked a question, so give him an answer if you want to help, not an insult.
  9. I thought it was a fair question MG.

    Certainly a whole lot more constructive than your typical answer.
  10. If you are inferring that Security guards have special powers when they are in uniform or on the job you are wrong. They don't have anymore power than anyone else.

    +1 on being a bit harsh on the OP.
  11. They couldn't do a speed check in their own car, because the speedo won't be calibrated, but at 180km/h it's a mute point.

    If, however, you got a ticket for 0-15 in the mail from an off duty cop it would get thrown out of court.

    But as noted, there are other things they can get you for.
  12. Maybe in victoria,

    do they all carry flashing blue lights on there heads 24/7
  13. Nothing said to OP was harsh. As I said I thought a cop being a cop 24/7
    was common sense. I was obviously wrong & said I was stupid for thinking
    so. Nothing wrong with being harsh on myself Pete.



    They have the same arresting powers only but this is not what I
    was referring to.

    Sorry. I presumed you knew what guards do. How stupid of me.. again ](*,)

    Pete; there is more to being a guard than arresting powers so let me
    illustrate for your benefit where I was coming from.

    * When on duty I had the right to carry a concealed firearm in public.
    You don't.

    * When on duty I had the right to carry hand restaints in public.
    You don't.

    * When on duty I had the right to carry an extendable baton in public.
    You don't

    * When on duty I had the right to escort a person off a premises with
    necessary force if required. You don't

    Unlike Police who have the same powers 24/7, when off-duty, a PA
    (otherwise known as wanna-be cops) do not have the same rights as
    they have when on-duty; hence my initial reference to em.

    See where I was coming from now Pete?


    Vic holds a Private Agents license. Confirm it all with him.

    Ask the officer. The outcome is up to him or her.


    A cop stops being one when they change jobs or die.

    No probs :wink:
  14. I think even if someone was doing 180+ an off duty cop without a calibrated speedo or radar could do jack all about you speeding. If they did try and get you it wouldn't hold up in court.

    If someone flies past you you could never accurately estimate the speed they were doing without a detection device and a good lawyer would be able to argue that for you.
  15. But they would be stupid to nominate a speed, assuming they were going 103, +- 10%, and the other vehicle travelling +-10% of their indicated speed.... However, if they saw you pass doing a rate of knots, you would probably happily find a dangerous driving charge in your mailbox...
  16. isn't dangerous driving apples and oranges compared your average speed-camera/parking ticket offence, where you need to nominate the driver or cop it yourself?

    my point, even if they were write up a nice little ticket for you when they popped back into the office, isn't blasting down the road at 180km/h one of those 'serious' offences where they need to prove the identity of the offender? you could count on a doorknock and some questioning about your whereabouts that night, but am i right in assuming MEH?

    original poster,
    if you (or your 'friend' or WHATEVER) are regularly committing these such offences, it's sooner or later that you'll scream past an on-duty cop in an unmarked who'll call it in without you realising the streets are hot, and you'll promptly have half a dozen blood-hungry cops hunting you down chanting 'fresh meat! fresh meat!' and eventually, PolAir chasing you into the underground carpark of the nearest shopping centre, where you will have approx. 15mins to act out some survival contingency plan, wipe-off and ditch the bike (which will later be reported stolen (awesome! they found your stolen bike!)) and disappear before the canine unit arrives on the scene, also chanting for fresh meat

    such speeds are best left to drug runners with everything to lose and punk-ass 23yos holidaying overseas with hired convertibles. oh, and people who just picked up a new bike and are feeling curious...
    have your fun and quit while you're ahead.
  17. A cop is always a dog weather in uniform or not. But without a uniform i have no respect for anyone holding what could be a 7-11 badge. Next time a off-duty copper pulls something on ya tell him to f*ck off and let him know that u too have a cornflakes badge at home. They really hate this :). Another good one is to actually ring the local station and inform them you have some nutter chasing you and you feel scared for your life.. Always good to get your story in before they can :)
  18. "Next time a off-duty copper pulls something on ya tell him to f*ck off and let him know that u too have a cornflakes badge at home".

    And you'll be arrested and conveyed to the local station to confirm ID and charged accordingly.
  19. I am sure your attitude will get you a long way when pulled over even for a random breath test!
    I am quite sure you don't have respect at any time! And since when did 7-11 have badges?
    Yep, really good advice if you plan to move house or move state some time pretty soon, otherwise you will find that you will be booked for every minor indiscretion until your points run out, after which you will be watched even closer to see if you are stupid enough to continue riding! Police can book you at any time, though most I know are very reluctant to do so 'off duty' (for various reasons) but most even off duty have good eyes, pens, paper and mobile phones and you may find a marked car sitting waiting for you not far down the road! Most mobile phones these days also have cameras and video!

    There is nothing to stop them coming around to see the registered owner of the bike (presumably you!) when they are on duty. You could tell them you have no idea who was riding but that will see your licence gone for 2 years anyway! Best to be smart and if you are really going to pull those sort of speeds pick your time and place but don't whine if you get sprung! Oh and if by chance you are spoken to 'attitude is everything'!
  20. While I'm sure dedication to duty transcends monetary remuneration in many/most cases, they don't get paid enough to care outside of their normal work hours. Same as nurses and all the other fine emergency service people. I'm sure most of them do it for the love of the job which would mean that it is odds on that if they are off duty, there is a good chance of it catching up with you.