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Off-duty cop caught doing 163km/h in a 110km/h zone on motorbike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stewy, May 26, 2010.

  1. i was under the impression at over 45km/hr it's taken no matter what, am sure one of the arm chair lawyers here can dig up the law so we can see
  2. Nah, that's not the case. Personally witnessed two guys doing 170/190 respectively, and riding away. This was a couple of months after the laws came in.

    It really is up to the officer's discretion as to whether or not they'll tow. Having said that, it does appear that the edict from on high is now to tow/impound, no matter what. That seems to be the policy, but it's not the law.
  3. Impounding is discretionary, but it can also be done after the incident within a certain time limit by serving a notice.
  4. they've also got to have somewhereto physically impound the car/bike.

    One reason Bendigo has a high percentage of Hoon driving impounds is it has an impound yard to put the vehicles.
  5. Ken Lay was also rabbiting on about how he expects the man to 'voluntarily' surrender his bike.

    What planet are our cops on, ffs? Or are they in a parallel universe which keeps bumping into reality just enough to distort our world :-s

  6. WTF?

    I suppose he wants me to surrender my bike as well? F*ck off Ken.
  7. Bit hard to seize a bike in the middle of the country, not like you can just call a cab to get home!
  8. What happens to afore-mentioned surrendered bikes?
  9. Get impounded for a few days and then there's the hoon related court case. :roll:
  10. and the impound charges too.
  11. 163 km/hr in a 110 zone...who gives a shit?
  12. 1st offence - impound 48 hours
    2nd offense - impound 3 months
    3rd offence - vehicle seized and sold at auction

    plus towing fee
    plus impound fee
    plus court fine
    plus court costs

    or the alternative is you get an on the spot fine for around $156 (EDIT: For wheelies only)
  13. i think they should either make impounding mandatory or not at all, seems like too much discretion for the officer. i know it is their job but these things can be abused.

    *puts on foil hat*
    i doubt that a p plater in a commodore would have escaped the impounding or a probationary motorcycle licence holder.
  14. A cop wouldn't in good conscience impound a vehicle if you're in the middle of nowhere without a way to get home. Except maybe highway patrol, those guys are hairdryer wielding retards with an IQ of 1.
  15. the cops down our way impound vehicles in the middle of nowhere, and this isn't highway patrol.

    i got a phone call from a mate to go and pick him up one night at 2am because his dads car (2.8 diesel hiace) got impounded about 45 kays from town.

    luckily i was still awake and sober.
  16. Ouch!