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Off Camber Roundabout...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NuXnug, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. so theres this roundabout i always take a right at on the way home from any trip.

    The ground/roundabout has a slant downwards towards the way you approach the roundabout. Hence, when your coming around for a right turn on the bike, the ground is slanting away from the turn ('off convex', is that the right termology? i forgot)

    I'm not sure if this plays a major part in my resultant turning, but i always seem to come out very wide on that turn and a couple times riding through the gutter along the exit kerb. Besides this, my speed mid-turn drops near stopping speed as i try to make sure i make the turn.

    The roundabout isn't big, but same time isn't the smallest one i've made...don't have many issues on any other roundabouts.

    At the moment i've tried to make the turn like a normal turn lean slightly. I'm afraid to lean outwards and try to perform a 'u-turn' manoeurve cause it feels like i might topple the other way.

    Any tips ?
  2. when the road slopes AWAY From the turn, it's called off camber. It's aka A fcukING NIGHTMARE.
  3. Sounds like a B%#ch of a roundabout especially in the wet no doubt.

    Have you tried to trail the rear brake as you go round the corner and keep the throttle constant?

    I commonly do this on suss roundabouts. Just a suggestion if you dont already do it. :grin:
  4. CAMBER !...blast, that was the word i was looking for

    ooo, i'll try the trial braking while throttling at the same time. I've prevented from doing that because HART instructors were getting pretty 'nar-ci' at me for doing sometimes during my L's

    I'm also in the process of building trust for my rubbers. Would be nice to know how much friction they can handle before they break free ;) (if you catch my drift)...HAHaa, j/k

    But yeah, i get pretty paranoid about slipping out the back tyre in the wet (let alone dry road, but i still get some mean lean in, i think)...and it was wet today, and it was pretty nerve racking around that roundabout.

    This feeling i've built could be because, last year riding my pushie off road, leaned over to far on gravel path and low-sided.
  5. rear brakes can be tetchy. if you must do it, practice in a car park rather than at the actual roundabout. try looking where you want to go a bit more (through the roundabout). I'd really suggest you go to a car park and drive around in circles and figures of eight for a while.
  6. If you want to fall on your arse then touch the rear brake while negotiating an off camber roundabout.
    do NOT take that advice.
    Being a slow right hander you have to counterlean as opposed to a normal lean, ie lean your bike away from you in order to complete the turn stay
    Ease on the throttle or ease off it depending on your speed, DO NOT BRAKE unless you plan to hit something
  7. Thanks for the advice, i assume you mean lean like in a tight u-turn.

    so in this instances while turning right take it like a uturn and lean off the left side of the bike ?
  8. Yes but don't overdo it obviously and LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING don't look down, avoid target fixation.
  9. Just like to say take all this at a speed you are comfortable with

    Generally goes without saying but I'd rather take a weird roundabout slow and not bin it then try and speed up cos traffic might not appreciate a 5 second delay
  10. If you counter lean on an off camber road, wouldn't that unnecessarily increase the lean angle and make it easier for the bike to slide under you. I’ve read an article in a motoring mag that said you should put weight on the outside peg and try to straighten up the bike a bit and take it like any other corner with caution. I don’t really see the point of counter leaning unless your bike is at full lock. You can do the u-turn in the P-test without the need to counter lean.

    With any turn look where you want to go. The slop of the road and the fear of going wide and hitting the gutter/falling is probably what’s making you go wide. If you are afraid of the roundabout it will get to you and affect your ability to ride. You just need more practice/experience.
  11. Just go slow and keep a constant throttle, look were your going and all that jazz. If your doing an appropriate speed you will be fine.

    Off camber corners suck, especialy roundabouts you gotta lean more for less turn...
  12. Take some time off and come ride around Canberra. At the end of the week, you'll be a roundabout professional :LOL:
  13. Agreed, got a few around my place which are a bit tricky in the wet, i can see more oil patches than tarmac.

    As the more experienced guys have said rear brake,turning and wet roads = trouble!
  14. Counter-lean: did we invent that term right here on Netrider?

    Try to think of it this way... you are not leaning outwards (that would be insane). You are holding your body more or less vertical, while you lean the bike into the turn. In other words your body is no longer in line with the bike. Have a look at some 'motard footage and you will get the idea.

    It's a way of balancing the right amount of weight being leant versus the speed you are traveling at. It only works on low speed turns. If you go faster you will need to lean your body as well.

    Rear brake does NOT help*, but may be necessary if you cannot manage to set the right speed with the throttle alone (some bikes are like that).

    (*Motard riders just let this slide. Please.)
  15. Off camber isn't fun as it increases the apparent lean angle as far as the tyres "see", so just go slower, especially in the wet, and keep the feck away from the rear brake. ...at least until you understand it's use and have FINE CONSCIOUS CONTROL over it.

    I don't advise taking roundabouts at the speeds you'd normally take those kind of curves because of the camber AND because oil dripping cars slow for roundabouts and there's always a higher accumulation of that crap in roundabouts.
  16. set speed into turn before entering! slowly at first. as you become fimilar and practice it, you get faster. steady throttle. if you are going too wide, light tap of the rear brake. if you slam it on obviously your going to F&*^ up.
  17. just counter steer harder FFS!

    Sorry, low tolerance to crap advice today.
  18. Ahem...why are you running wide!?...you're supposed to be in charge of the bike! - so stop allowing it to. How?...countersteer more, or slow down.

    As for trail braking...It IS a good technique once you are reasonably experienced, but I don't think you'd want to be doing on this roundabout while you're trying to learn how...Off camber slopes CAN bring you undone at the best of times.

    ALlowing the bike to lean over as required, while you remain upright is also a viable technique to use in this situation - actually...ANY slowish speed situation (Yes..similar to U-turns)

    Deploy the technique that feels best for you, but in the end, slowing down a bit until you've perfected these other techniques is probably what I would opt for, especially on a wet day.

  19. yo yo....ok

    being practicing the roundabout for the last couple days.... mad time was also late last night (MAssive FOg).

    ANyhow, being working on all the different ways, come to a point now that i can either slow down and do almost a U-turn maneourve....and always slow down and take the roundabout just like a normal right hand turn with little lean.

    To a certain point, in entering the roundabout, intially i need to trail brake at the start because the whole roundabout is off camber, BUT additionally slopes so the whole roundabout is also on a angle away from the entrance point.

    Uneven patchwork of tar and un even ground doesn't make the road very comfortable to go any faster because you would have to angle more...and i don't think its possible :? ..... BUt..i've seen some crazy riders, and who knows, maybe im wrong and they could still gun it through it