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Ofarc dream machines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by E-kola, May 25, 2005.

  1. Being new to this forum, This subject no doubt has been done before but however it would be interesting to see what all us ofarcs think on this subject

    What would be your dream bike, your dream older model bike, and your dream car.

    I was thinking along the lines of mechanical bikes.by the way

    Mine would be, Present day? I guess one of these 1200R B.M.W.s
    An older bike?I always lusted after a B.S.A. Rocket Gold Star or a Vincent Black Knight (I'll have both please sir)

    Car?????????? Aw I think one of these Mercedes M.L.500s but repowered by Brabus

    What do I have
    The bike is a TRX
    The car is a Kia Carnivore
    What else is on?
    GOFARC #28
  2. I have most of my dream bikes already. And a car for every occasion. Now I need the time and money to maintain them all
  3. Dream modern Bike......2005 Triumph America

    Dream older Bike.........1966 Triumph TT Special

    Dream Car..................1966 Austin Healey 3000 MkIIIA (phase 2 BJ8)

    and if I can add "Dream Pillion" ....Angelina Jolie

    What do I have
    The bike is a ZZR250
    The car is a Magna
  4. Ducati Monster 8) 8)
  5. Bike? Larger beemer with side car.

    Older bike. Matchless 500 twin

    The 78 LTD 351ci auto

    And most of all a large bus, tandem trailer, boat on top, bike under or small car.

    *alarm goes off*

    What can I afford of the above? nix.


  6. Bike? Agusta Tamburini, and the talent to ride it properly.

    Dream older bike? A mint Z-1 Kawasaki.

    Car? Any number of contenders, no single lust object. Maybe a restored 3-door Range Rover - an early model before the RR was given woodgrain and extra doors, and became a Toorak tractor. Wonderful design.
  7. Is that an alarm clock or a bank security alarm going off?

    Dream bike : Moto Guzzi MGS/01. Just looking at it makes me sweat.
    Dream older bike : Phuq nose.

    Dream car : AC Cobra.
  8. Dream new bike: BMW1200 trailie-thing

    Dream old bike: I own it

    Dream car: Any vehicle with Salma Hayek in it. Or my wife, possibly.
  9. New Bike: Ducati S2R, BMW K1200R , FJR1300 or CB1300 (all naked)

    Old Bike: 1969 Honda CB750, the first Superbike, or the CBX1000 (I think) six cylinder.
  10. Dream bike - Ducati 999R and the ability to ride it
    Older bike - My current ride
    Dream car - Lamboghini Gallardo
  11. Dream Bike - BMW K1200S

    Older Bike - BSA GoldStar

    Dream Car - '72 Stingray ( Black, with Lakes pipes)
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  13. I'll make my own up.

    Air-oil cooled tripple. 900cc. Produces it's peak power about 9000 rpm

    Sporty sports tourer, with a small half fairing similar to a guzzi 1100 sports.

    Avialable with wire wheels or mags

    Deposits anyone?
  14. Oh and it weights about 180 kg