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Of Mirrors and Beefy Mofos

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. So on the Spada, with the mirrors adjusted as well as I can get them, what I mostly see in the mirrors is my own arms. Sitting straight on the bike, 75-80% of the mirror width is arm, with a little bit of view around the edge. I have to move over quite a bit to be able to see behind me in the mirror. I'm an axehandle across the shoulders, and the Spada isn't that big, but is this a fairly typical experience with mirrors?

  2. Is for me.

    I look like I'm doing the chicken dance when checking my mirrors.

    Better than not seeing that police car though :)
  3. yep, never am ever quite happy with the VFR ones, this is the main reason head checking MUST become a habit when on a bike.
  4. Go with bar end mirrors.

    They look good on a naked bike and can be set up to give you a much better view of what's around you.

  5. Might even end up doing that... or just keep on saving for the SV and see if it's better, or if I need to put them on that. For the time being, lots of chicken-dance bobbing and weaving to check the mirrors, and lots of head-checking.
  6. I'm contemplating bar end mirrors as well. Although the new Monster mirrors provide a better view than the old ones: 33% elbow instead of 66%... :)
  7. I meant I'm usually lifting an arm up to see what's behind and to 'that' particular side :)

    I just kinda flap along the road, checking for mates, cars and cops :p
  8. Ahhh - bobbing and weaving and flapping! s'all good!
  9. Yeah, it's the "and clap your hands!" part I'm only comfortable with on the straight roads, at speed, with no pot-holes :p
  10. My Ducati mirrors are specially designed for checking yourself out before going into the cafe. (They must be, they don't actually do anything else.)
  11. PMSL!! :rofl:

    Oh, and Woodsy - NICE BIKE!
  12. i put bar end mirrors on the hornet last week. Looks great, BUT there is no big sticky out thingy mirrors which is a bit weird.
    They are small mirrors and show alot BUT everything looks like its 1km behind you when its not......

    Jurrasic park mirrors......things appear further away, when its just about to bite your ass....