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NSW Of all the speed limits in the state, the most annoying is??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Our Victorian cousins are having fun with their original thread, so why don't we New South Welshmen have some fun too?

    Top of my list are the many places where there is a school 40kph zone, but no child EVER crosses the road, or even comes near it. There's one outside a posho private school in the Southern Highlands, but the kids either live in or get picked up in BMW X5s or Volvo SUVs......

    60kph on Macquarie Pass is annoying too, but then no-one ever does it...
  2. I think the answer is rather obvious...
    The most annoying speed limits in NSW are those that appear on L and P plates.

    My wife can attest to this having allowed our L-plate son to drive to work a couple times recently and encountering the lack of decency that occurs on the F3 between Gosford and Hornsby at 5:30ish in the morning. A state sanctioned thirty kilometre per hour discrepancy is positively ridiculous yet some cardigan thinks it makes sense.
  3. Oh yes, totally agree.

    The speed limit on the Newell Hwy is stupid. It was 110 for years, but then some bright spark had a brilliant idea and reduced it to 100. The Libs say they will immediately put it back to 110 if they win the election. I wait with anticipation.

    The 60km limit on the Snowy Mtns Hwy going up Talbingo Mtn.

    There's too many roads to mention around here (Wagga) that are 50 that should be 60.
  4. 50, I absolutely hate 50, and I hate it when people religiously follow the speed limit, especially that limit, I don't know why, I hate coasting, im not a speed demon, but god damn, move it!.
  5. Pretty much all limits. What the hell happened to driving/riding to the conditions? Jesus...

    I mean, if theres a stack of kids milling around and playing silly buggers, then yeah I'm gonna slow down. If its 8.01am and theres no-one in sight then I'll rip through there at whatever I feel appropriate - a long, straight, clear road may warrant 70km/h instead of the posted 40, for example.

    If its freeways about 120~130km/h feels fine to me. Any faster and you use too much fuel and I find I get a bit metally fuzzy, after a while, too.

    - boingk
  6. That i've driven through: Both 40km bus zones in 80km areas of the Great Western Highway in blue mountains. way to make an artificial 40-over to book us for, jackasses. -_-

    Maybe there's more egregious examples of that elsewhere, i've never ranged outside the mountains yet. Do they shove any 40km school zones in 100km areas elsewhere?
  7. 100kph zone, 40 ahead sign.. then 20 metres later 40 WORK ZONE.
    The actual work area was less then 30 metres long, noone was working as it was 9pm, and it was half a kilometre before the limit went back to 100.
  8. Taren point rd / bridge from Sans Souci not being 120 :wink:
  9. Foreshore Rd - 70

    M4 up to Greystanes - 90
    Bangor Bypass and Alfords Point Rd - 80
    Prince's Highway at Heathcote - 50
    Prince's Highway at Sutherland to Yarrawarra - 80
    James Ruse Dr - 70 for a speed camera
    Picton Rd - 90
    Bells Line of Road - 80
    F6 at Gong bypass - 90
    Southern Cross Dr - 80 and 70
    Captain Cook Dr to Kurnell - Whatever speed it is.
  10. school zones in 100 areas are 60.
    Ahh yes, the Taren Point race track.
    Btw, on the shire side: Taren Point Rd
    The bridge: Captain Cook Bridge
    On the not shire side: Rocky Point Rd.
  11. Foreshore road being 70 is one of the dumbest

    The never ending M5 road works where there never seems to be anyone working,

    And i think the school hornet means is chevalier college, where its a 40 zone on a busy road that the kids are not even allowed to walk out that way, and dont they love to set up radars there.

    More locally for me through kangaloon they had a 80km/h limit that was too low, they then resurfaced a large area and cleared the roadsides just to lower it to 70km/h
  12. So confusing :p and Capt Cook Drve is a joke, no one ever does 80km/h and it was even better when they were building the de-sal plant and there was a stretch of 40km/h roadworks for a few months.
  13. Any school zone without the flashing lights to indicate it is active. Especially the 6 lane Warringah Rd with a pedestrian bridge and a fixed camera.

    I hope all you motorists realised today was the beginning of the enforced school zone areas... even though the kids arent at school
  14. +1. Though the number of parents who insist on letting the littlies take control on single lane country highways during holiday periods are even more annoying/dangerous.
  15. The RTA should get rid of all the odd-numbered speed limits.

    We should only have : 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140.

    How many times do you find yourself wondering what the speed limit is ? Especially when you're in an unfamiliar area.
  16. HWP working it this arvo. Christmas must have come again for him today.
  17. Another stupid speed limit, is coming out of kangaroo valley, just before the windy parts up barrengarry mountain there is a overtaking zone so you can get past the slow cars and trucks and not get stuck behind them, but instantly that the overtaking lane begins the speed limit drops from 80 to 60
    ](*,) ]
  18. I've seen an RTA vehicle get up to those speeds when I was on the early shift at work.
  19. They would clean up during weekdays with pretty much every second car doing 80+

    That main intersection where foreshore connects with botany road when you're heading west and you have the the left mergers into the middle lane, the amount of people that cut other cars or even trucks off there is shocking.

    And then you have Airport drive where it's a 70 zone but there's lights just around the corner, and you get trucks going from Botany to the M5, or even to QANTAS Freight Terminal, glad they actually have common sense and take it easier around that way then most cars.

    Guess what, they're lowering it again I think after that ute smash recently ~ source.
  20. anzac bridge only being 60

    worst is that there is always a cop there near the fishmarkets trying to ping someone coming around the bend