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VIC Of all the speed limits in the state, the most annoying is?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I've gotta vote for the whole Westgate bridge area being 60. If you can't do 100 over that bridge, you shouldn't be on the road. Even 80 would be acceptable. But 60?! Come on…

  2. Don't get me wrong, I think the Spurs and all that being 80 zones are annoying, but a lot of people can't do that speed through there anyway, so it's not artificially low by a lot of standards.

    Another annoying one is the spate of retarded 40 zones like Barkly St in St Kilda.
  3. Burnley tunnel has to be up there. Don't see why the limit has to drop just because the road has a roof over it. If anything the absence of rain or animals should mean you can go faster.
  4. Geelong / Melbourne freeway, 100 km/h on that awesome 4 lane highway with excellent visibility. Frustrating..
  5. It attatudes like this towards speeding that are going to get all of us killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Westgate bridge will be 80 when it is all completed in march
    Some 40 zones on 3 lane roads like Warrigal road near holmesglen college for starters,
    Geelong freeway
    Some roads where they were reconstructed, made safer then had their speed REDUCED
    What we should have are variable speed limits, in good conditions very light traffic then higher limits, etc.
  7. 80ks an hour on the Mash in the middle of the night can get stuffed. What a wank.
  8. Should also add permanent 40kph school zones. Why I need to slow down at 1am on a Saturday morning, during school holidays, is beyond me - especially when several I can think of used to be 60 or 70kph zones.
  9. On the freeway just outside of Colac, there is a stretch that goes from 100km/h to 90km/h.

    90. Seriously.

    If they took the money from those signs & burnt it while chanting to the road gods, it would have had a bugger impact on the road toll.

    Talk about pointless f*cking bureaucracy.
  10. Because someone has to think of the children! 8-[
  11. School zones are the most annoying

    1) I don't have kids so have no idea what is a school day (in Vic the signs say "40 School Times"
    2) It's evolution at work, only the stupid kids are on the roads.
  12. Can't remember the exact locations but in the backroads of Western Vic. I have come across both 75 and 95 kph zones before (which I think were after 80 and 100kph limits respectively).
  13. This shits me to no end, I'm 100% with you.

    Put up a flashing yellow light with the crotchfruit are going to screw up the speed limit at that moment, leave it off if they're not.
  14. the 40k section on the Melba, just down hill from the Toolangi turn off.
  15. Monash Fwy 80, Geelong Fwy 100.
  16. Shows you how long it's been since I've been down the Princess Fwy between Werribee and Geelong, I seem to remember it being 110 back when it was only 2 lanes each way.
  17. Heck, I'll go so far as to say ALL OF THEM. Too bloody low in general. It's frustrating having to putter along, especially when there's no traffic. Worse is, even with them as low as they are there are still a few beige drivers puttering along below the limit holding up everyone behind them. /ragequit
  18. expressway speed limits in japan are a whopping 80kms/hr!](*,)
  19. Took me a while to realise why a little red light comes on in my speedo, whenever I get to about 85!
  20. But they need to be able to ID the drivers face