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OEM vs Barnett clutch plates

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Guys

    I'm replacing the ZX9R's clutch, and have noted that Barnett make a much cheaper set of plates and springs than OEM.

    I know their springs have a great reputation, does anybody know anything about the clutch plates? Any good or steer clear?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Have you pulled it to bits yet Loz?
  3. Yeah mate, It's sitting there oil-less, clutchless and with the left side off the transmission too, cuz Sobil dropped round and helped me find the oil leak. Clever fella that Sobil.

    FYI I've decided to play it safe, went with an OEM clutch but got Barnett springs to give it a bit more "hello boys."
  4. Retailers for barnett clutch springs? you can keep the hello boys i just want a harder grabing clutch...
  5. I went through these guys: http://www.rbdrace.com.au/

    Speak to Rosie, she's been lovely.

    Oh, and I'm sorry, I believe the "hello boys!" comes standard with all Barnett clutch springs.
  6. damn it...
  7. Hey listen if you want something, order it today and put it with my order, I'll pick it up in a couple of days when it arrives and post to you if you like? OR maybe they'll do that for you.
  8. when i finaly pay off teh bike pick it up and strip it down then i think i'll make the order... :roll: I just needed to know where to source the parts.
  9. new clutch huh...so you finally killed it :shock:

    couldn't have been those clutch up mono's could it :cool:
  10. It was rooted from when I bought it Keithy. Not being able to wheelie the thing properly has been killing me. Rev and dump, and it would only grab on about a quarter of occasions - and I'd be so bloody surprised to get a wheelie out of it I'd slam the bugger down and belt my poor nad.
  11. God blessim,the poor little lonely guy,he does take a beating dont he :LOL: