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Odometers - around the clock?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to be posting, but I've found a reasonable priced bike with an odometer reading of 18000km. Is there a way to tell if it is a genuine 18000 or rather 118000kms? I have heard that if the digits don't align properly, it has probably been around the clock. Not sure if this is true though.

    Any thoughts would be welcome
  2. might start with the RTA, as each pink slip, it has to state the km reading, not sure if they provide it though, i was also told, if the numbers don't align, it has been wound back

    what bike is it and how old?
  3. bike is a 2003 yamaha xvs650. 18000kms is quite low and the numbers don't align so it could be abit fishy.
  4. My old Ducati's been 'round the clock and the numbers all align, so at least in 1 instance "Myth Busted". It has Nippon Denso (japanese) guages too.
    the only real way is to suss out the owner
  5. Make sure it isnt a Jap import. I bought an 86 Virago a couple of years ago with 16,000 klms on the clock. The body work on the bike showed it might have had a hard life, but I was told it had sat untouched for 20 years, thats why the bodywork had deteriorated. I rode the bike for not quite 10,000 klms and the main bearing went. I was told by quite a few people they thought the speedo had either gone right round past 100,000klms, or that it had been wound back when it was imported. But then again, my first bike was a 2002 Virago, I bought it in 2008 with less than 5,000 klms on the clock and I believe that was a true reading.
  6. a 2003 yamaha xvs650 with 18000kms doesn't seem to be too alarming to me, depends on how the rest of the bike looks and feels. What tyres are on it? being a 2003 is should have a service history I'd imagine whats the log book say?

    A lot of these are 2nd bikes (like mine), bike for the wife or a lams rider so low k's isn't unheard of.
  7. Just for interest, my 98 VFR 800 (LCD) odo reset to zero when it went over 200,000K. Was planning to stop and take a photo as it rolled over but that plan soon went out the window.
  8. My dad and I both bought 1984 model bikes, his was 18,000 on the odo, and mine was 22,009

    He got his in 2003 and its still going strong, and mine has so far done 10,000kms and is in better condition all round than when I got it.
    Although I'm not 100% sure if mine is genuine, as the previous owner said it was in a front end crash.. so it could be a replacement dash.
    Though to destroy the dash it'd need to flip and land almost perfectly upside down.