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Odometer MISSING 880km after service

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Going Camping, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I'm assuming that this is not normal and I'm pretty sure it is illegal but have no idea what I should do about it.

    I've been a bit slack in getting my new bike in for it's first service and felt pretty embarrassed when the Service guy walked over to the bike with me to check the odometer. It was reading 2,348km and the first service is due at 1,000km.
    Day goes by and I pick it up after work. I'm always a bit paranoid about vehicle services and one of the first things I check is the odometer which now reads 1,468km. Que the Holy Sh!t I'm on the wrong bike moment before ruling that as unrealistic (I've moved the pegs for my rather large feet).
    So I asked the same Service guy what happened and his reply was "That's not possible, oh well, it'll look better when you sell it." I honestly have no idea whether he is stupid or playing stupid...

    In the scheme of things, 880km (plus however many they put on at the service), doesn't make much difference.

    Should I do something about this? What can I do??
  2. Make sure it's not your trip meter mate. Pretty hard to do an odo wind back these days.
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  3. Check if it has been reset to mph rather than kph. I accidentally did that and gave myself a scare.... luckily I worked it out because I was enjoying myself too much while thinking I was within the speed limit...
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  4. ↑ Mr Google agrees:


    By the way looks like they did 10 miles of testing for you as well.
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  5. If we're going to go metric, were going every inch of the way!!!
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  6. Alien abduction maybe :nailbiting::nailbiting:
  7. is the speed reading correctly?
  8. or are you doing speed whilst trying to read it :wacky::wacky:
  9. How long have you been riding it post service? Go past any speed cameras? 60km/h and 60mph are VERY different...
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  10. "Cycle the handlebar meter switch until meter displays odometer, then press and hold adjust button on meter panel until display changes back to metric."


    "Use the switch on the backside of the left grip to toggle between display settings. Press it until the odo is selected, and then hold it for a cople of seconds and it should toggle back to kilometres."
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  11. Groan... now I feel like an idiot. I blame the weather for not noticing the speed being off on the way home, it was raining and I was taking it easy on the back roads.
    5mins into this mornings commute and realised the speed was way off!
    Thanks for all the replies, I bet someone at PS ringwood is having a quiet little chuckle.
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  12. Don't feel like an idiot mate. You pay their "technicians" how much per hour to look after your bike?
    Hopefully you haven't collected any speeding fines along the way but if you have, I'd be getting PS to pay for them....at the very least.
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  13. don't feel stupid - I accidentally changed my company car to miles p/h and wondered why I was flying past everyone on my way up to 100, said to my wife 'have a look at all these idiots, how slow they're going' then it dawned on me I was doing close to 160kmh. don't think the boys in blue would have believed me if I had been pulled up!
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  14. lol, funny. Did you star in the joke about the husband driving down the highway on the wrong side of the road?
  15. yeah that could have been one of mine also