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Odometer Digits?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2wheelsagain, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. In my seeming endless search for a large capacity tourer I have found a 91 FJ1200. The asking price is to high but it has "sus" lo k's. On a closer look the odo digits dont line up. Could they have been wound back? Seller claims 26000km's. The bike seems original but no service history or owners manual is available. I'll be passing it up but just wondering about the digits.

  2. FJ1200s are one of the larger capacity bikes commonly bought in as grey imports - this could explain the misaligned odometer and the lack of an owners manual (since the original was probably in Japanese).
  3. Good point about the books. I'll leave it for someone else to worry over. Nice bike tho.
  4. pretty easy to tell if its an import ..... check the vin number and the foreign writing on said plate is a dead givaway ... but still dont be put off if the price is right .. their pretty unbrakeable and parts are easy to get ... and were available os a lot longer than the model run we had here ... just like the good ol GPZ 900R it was built and sold in japan till 99-2000 i think ... the model ran to a19... and the misalignment in the odmeter might be because its about to click over a big number .. ie 26000-27000 ...
  5. Like with a car, the odometer reading is only part of the story. Look for signs of wear. Are the footpegs worn?, handelbar grips worn?, faded paint?, faded colour on the dash display?, scratches around the ignition-does it look like 26k or 126k of keys bouncing around there? These things can be easily replaced/hidden but hard to polish places such as under the handle bars will fade with time, does the finish on the forks/engine look like they've been around the block more than a few times?

    At 26,000km, the bike should look fairly shmick, even if it's a 91 model. If it looks old and tired on a close inspection, then it probably is. :)
  6. Thanks for the comments cats. They are my first choice as a bang for buck tourer. Might have a closer look but $8500 is a bit rich for a 91.
  7. at $ 8500 ............... it would want to be pristiene ... u can get aussie delivered fj,s with geniune k,s cheaper ... look for an 88-90 .. they had less restrictors .. the camelion black 88 .. is a good one ... and all it has restricted is the inlet manifolds .. a good 50-80 k example will set you back about 5 k ......... and they are about .. their a funny bike in that their either toured to death or their low k,ed old fart ridden once a month ... ( no offence to the older amoung us )