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Odometer = 399,400 klms... too much?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Genetical, May 3, 2008.

  1. Hi, this is kind of an extended question from my earlier topic called GSX450E, but I think it warrants it's own thread as others might have similar concerns about other bikes/brands.

    The one I am looking at buying is a Suzuki GS450E, 1988.

    Do Suzuki engines live forever or is 400,000kms a clear sign that it is on it's way out?

  2. I think you should have posted this in jokes and humour!

    Are you seriously considering purchasing a bike with 400000km's on the clock? Perhaps you accidently added a zero?

    I'm very surprised such a small engine could last that many k's. I'd stay away from it unless you got change from a fiver.
  3. lol

    It's not a typo...
  4. too many variables to write it off like that. how has it been used? maintenance history?
    that, and everything is fixable.
    people scoff at those kms, but there are lotsa bikes around that are 20 years old, with 30k kms on the clock, you just never know how many laps of the dial it has done, eg 130k, 230k...you get it ;)
  5. I'll agree with you to an extent joel but not on a 450cc motor. If it was a big Beemer or something of the like maybe. It's a hell of alot of k's for a small machine. I would buy a car with that many on the clock. As I said it would want to be very, very cheap. Condition is obviuosly an issue as well.

    Does it come with log books? If so, they'y be the size of a phonebook! :LOL:
  6. i wonder if it's the original motor.
    another thing, the GS engines were renowned for their longevity, and also, they are entirely rebuildable from the ground up. they arent a throw-away engine like much of todays cutting edge stuff. if i could find a gs750 in almost any condition, with any kms on it, i would buy it :)
  7. wait as second... do bikes show hundreds of thousands or only tens of thousands? maybe I misread it and assumed it was 399K (after having been used to car odometers) but it may have actually been 39K.

    All I remember is the number furthest to the left wasn't zero, it was 3, the next number was 9, then 9, then 4 and I can't recall what was after that..

    I think i might call the owner again...

  8. right... that was all a bit embarassing...

    the odometer is 39942 not 399,000...


    Sorry folks, I should probably close this topic. If I can just work out how...
  9. I'm yet to see a bike with an odometer that goes over 100,000kms. Kinda silly that they dont just add an extra '0' to the end.
  10. I think that has something to do with Y2K!
  11. For most bikes there's no need to go over 100,000kms though, especially those sold in Japan (where even some cars don't read over 100,000).
    It's only an issue here because Australia is one of the worst/best for keeping machinery on the roads well past its intended lifespan.
  12. yeah well insurance kinda looks down on you though when you put your claim in for a single vehicle accident and tell them you pushed it off the side of a mountain cos you thought it was getting to many km's on it, and no one would buy it for what you (insurance) agree the value was :LOL: :p
  13. I think the GS450E might be a couple of years older than that but I don't suppose it really matters. What sort of condition is the bike in generally. Steering head bearings ok? Swingarm bearings ok? Does the bike still have original paint and upholstery in reasonable condition? Frame not bent or other obvious crash damage? If it runs ok and you only want basic transport then why not? Don't pay too much and you never know, a few more anno domini and it might become quite collectable.